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➮ What a Loser!  Read ➶ Author Pankaj Dubey – Vejega.info Entertaining read and certainly funny Grammar seems incorrect in a few places and not intentionally. Pandey Anil Kumar Sinha PAKS Comes To Delhi With Precisely Three Things One, His Jaded Old Trunk Full Of Sattu And Achaar Two, A Borrowed Dream Of Becoming An IAS Officer From His Clerk Father And Three, To Sleep With A Milky White Punjabi Girl However, PAKS S Goals Begin To Change When He Falls In Love, Enrols For English Classes And Finds Cool Friends Then Suddenly He Is Pushed To The Forefront Of College Elections And He Becomes A Hero PAKS Is Living His Ultimate Dream Or Is He What Will Happen Next Will He Ever Get What He Really Wants Find Out In This Laughathon Full Of Cliches Straight From The Cow Belt Of India

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