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[Read] ➳ Until Forever Comes ➻ Cardeno C. – Vejega.info A Sensitive Wolf Shifter And A Vicious Vampire Challenge History, Greed, And The Very Fabric Of Their Beings In Order To Stay Together Until Forever ComesPlagued By Pain And Weakness All His Life, Ethan Abbatt Is A Wolf Shifter Who Can T Shift Hoping To Find An Honorable Death By Joining His Pack Mates In A Vampire Attack, Ethan Instead Learns Two Things Draining His Blood Releases His Pain And His Wolf, And He Has A True Mate A Vampire Named MiguelOver Four Centuries Old, Strong, Powerful, And Vicious, Miguel Rodriguez Walks Through Life As A Shadow, Without Happiness Or Affection When A Young Shifter Tells Miguel They Re True Mates, Destined To Be Together, Miguel Sends Him Away But Ethan Is Persistent And Being With Him Comes So Naturally That Miguel Can T Resist For Long Their Challenge Is Staying Alive So They Can Be Together Until Forever ComesWord Count ,

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    4.5 starsVampire wolf shifter truly hawt, delicious funThis book was so damn smexy, I may have needed a cold shower, or three Miguel and Ethan are constantly on each other, licking, sucking, BITING Plus, the romance factor was through the roof knotting, mating, and blood bonding blood, you all, so much blood And MINE MINE MINE forever.Damn, I need a smoke If you read the first Mates book You ll remember that Ethan and Miguel were the small brown wolf and vampire who helped save J 4.5

  2. Susan Susan says:

    I am CHARMED This book is sweet, and romantic, and tender and the BLOOD so much BLOOD Ha I have to admit that I ve never read a shifter book ummm let s pretend I ve never read Twilight, shall we and hadn t even realized it was about werewolves and vampires So, I can t tell you if this is original or not, or if it s true to shifterdom or not, or if it s even got the right amount of action or not All I can say is that I adored it Ethan, the never felt right in his pack shifter, is the I am CH

  3. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    If a 400 years old vampire starts a relationship with a 20 years old wolf ie 380 years difference and he provides everything such as money, clothing, food and a home does this means that he can be called wolf s Sugar Daddy Just wondering.Anyway, I really liked Ethan s sense of humor who is telling their love story We have met wolf Ethan and his true mate, vampire Miguel in the book wake me up inside I was really interested in finding out how they met, but I think the storyline is lackin If a 400

  4. Gigi Gigi says:

    Wow, that was one crazy, fucked up, delicious ride Recommended for shifter, vampire and Cardeno C fans.

  5. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    Loved this one so muchthan the first It actually takes place years before book 1 Ethan and Miguel make an appearance in book 1 and this is their story You could read this first then book 1 IMO Either way, this story appealed to meIt is how I like mate stories and while Miguel didn t buy into the mate thing at first he didn t think vampires could have mates he does come around and he s happy to have Ethan.Ethan was a hoot He is definitely a country bumpkin down to his cut off Loved this one so muchthan the fi

  6. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    Note to self download May 20th.Note to DSP it would be really cool if you would send out reminders for pre ordered books when they become available Samhain does it, and it s a very customer friendly thing to do This is the second book in the Mates series, but it s actuallyof a prequel to Wake Me Up Inside, and it helped clear up some things from that book.Ethan, poor little guy, he never quite fit in with his pack, he was small and sickly and he couldn t shift All things that made him u Note to self download May 2

  7. Karla Karla says:

    5 Stars Sweet, sexy, wolf shifter vampire romance Another lovely, feel good read by this talented author I m a fan of the crossover romance, when paranormal species find love outside of their own kind It makes for interesting reading to see how they overcome the obstacles they face and such was the case for Ethan the young shifter, and Miguel the 400 year old vampire.Ethan was so naive, which made him utterly adorable and added to his charm I loved how Miguel connected with him and his prot 5 Stars Sweet, sexy, wolf shi

  8. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    This is my favorite story in the Mates universe, so be prepared for a bit of fangirling This story has it all Sex, humor, action sex The world building is interesting, the pace is fast, and I loved these two characters Ethan s sweetness covers a core of steel and Miguel, well, Miguel is mostly steel with a tiny, tiny core of sweetness that s pretty much only for Ethan Their passion is so HOT Ethan Abbatt is a werewolf who can t shift, is the runt of his pack his small stature being This is my favorite story in the Mates unive

  9. Ingie Ingie says:

    Written August 5, 20144 Stars Bloody, intense, hot and super cute simply irresistible cozy to listen toBook 2 Until Forever Comes is the second stand alone book in the M M shifterMatesseries I read and enjoyed 1 Wake Me Up Inside 3.5 stars maybe a year ago In that first installment we had a quick interesting meeting with the main characters in this second novel that takes place before the first book.I just knew this should be some really nice 6 hours audiobook listening when Written August 5, 20144 Stars Bloody, intense, hot and s

  10. Denise H. Denise H. says:

    Re read June 14, 2020 A Cardeno C shifter vampire story that is entertaining Wolf shifter, Ethan, finds himself in a mess in a town alley He was trying to go along with his pack mates and it turned out badly Ethan, 20, has always been sickly not able to turn into his wolf form, which disappoints his family, except his sister In that alley, Ethan finds a miracle his true mate, who is a vampire, Miguel Miguel is beautiful and fierce, has long black hair and is amazing and strong Re read June 14, 2020 A Cardeno C shifter vampire story that

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