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!!> Read ➯ Undocumented: A Worker's Fight ➳ Author Duncan Tonatiuh – Vejega.info Undocumented Is The Story Of Immigrant Workers Who Have Come To The United States Without Papers Every Day, These Men And Women Join The Work Force And Contribute Positively To Society The Story Is Told Via The Ancient Mixtec Codex Accordion Fold Format Juan Grew Up In Mexico Working In The Fields To Help Provide For His Family Struggling For Money, Juan Crosses Over Into The United States And Becomes An Undocumented Worker, Living In A Poor Neighborhood, Working Hard To Survive Though He Is Able To Get A Job As A Busboy At A Restaurant, He Is Severely Undercompensated He Receives Less Than Half Of The Minimum Wage Risking His Boss Reporting Him To The Authorities For Not Having Proper Resident Papers, Juan Risks Everything And Stands Up For Himself And The Rest Of The Community.

10 thoughts on “Undocumented: A Worker's Fight

  1. Lynn Lynn says:

    Visually stunning and incredibly powerful Truly a must purchase.I m sure librarians everywhere will cringe a bit about the vulnerable accordion fold design interpreting the Mixtec codices but Abrams has done an outstanding job of making it as sturdy as possible.

  2. Gary Anderson Gary Anderson says:

    You don t know our names but you ve seen us So begins Undocumented A Worker s Fight, Duncan Tonatiuh s important new book exploring what it means these days to be an undocumented worker in America.After his father s death, Juan is smuggled across the border as a minor and travels to a strange city to live with relatives where police harassment and poverty are pa

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    This eye opening look at undocumented workers and the challenges they face needs to be read by everyone The opening line is just stunningly accurate You don t know our names but you ve seen us unpaged This is so true of almost all of us, taking for granted the labor of others and often even benefiting financially from what they do Not only does the book explain some of th

  4. Thomas Ray Thomas Ray says:

    23 pages An estimated 5% of the U.S workforce is unauthorized A much higher fraction of the workforce works for less than a decent living wage Wage theft and denial of workers rights are rampant in the U.S Unauthorized workers have no defense authorized workers have little power enough Workers rights centers try to help workers fight the abuses Occasionally they win one business wh

  5. Brichimt Brichimt says:

    I feel so bad giving this beautifully artistically constructed title 4 stars, but it is not meant to be handled by children It will be torn and of little use due to its accordian style format The content is exquisite The artwork is excellent Starting off with you don t know me but you ve seen me is a direct allusion to the silent facelessness of the undocumented workers in this country that

  6. Mary Mary says:

    I loved the unique folding design of this book, the striking illustration, the unsentimental yet compassionate point of view This was a GREAT companion to The Faraway Brothers, a book I read last year about the same sort of struggles and issues of undocumented workers I d like to see both books in our libraries, and I will be donating this one to mine The Goodreads giveaway program has broadened ...

  7. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    This powerful story, told in a book designed in the accordion fold format of the ancient Mixtec codex, centers on Juan who crosses over from Mexico into the United States to find work and becomes an undocumented worker, living in a poor neighborhood, struggling to survive Severely undercompensated working as a busboy, he receives less than half of the minimum wage Riski...

  8. Jill Jill says:

    This graphic novella comes in a box I didn t understand why until I pulled it out When you do, you discover the book unfolds like a scroll, and continues all along one side and then along the reverse side It begins You don t know our names but you ve seen us In this country we build houses, we harvest crops, we cook, we clean, and we raise children Some people want to kick us out and some act like we don t exist, but we

  9. Vicki Vicki says:

    So much to process, pore over, and discuss in this short but powerful text Tonatiuh makes a point to include intersectional concerns, including how the problems related to being undocumented, an IPOC, and working poor are made worse for women His illustrations never fail to blow me away, as there is so much to examine I liked the review that stated how the accordion style is sort of a nigh...

  10. Katie Katie says:

    Este libro est incre ble importante El libro cuenta de una historia que es desestimada por muchas personas en la actualidad, incluye nuestro gobierno Las ilustraciones est n preciosas y son en el estilo del c dices de la Mixteca, los antiguos de M xico Me encanta este libro pero yo quiero que ...

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