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Ebook ➠ True Girt Author David   Hunt – Vejega.info First There Was Girt Now Comes True GirtIn This Side Splitting Sequel To His Best Selling History, David Hunt Takes Us To The Australian Frontier This Was The Wild South, Home To Hardy Pioneers, Gun Slinging Bushrangers, Directionally Challenged Explorers, Nervous Indigenous People, Caroline Chisholm And Sheep Lots Of Sheep True Girt Introduces Thomas Davey, The Hard Drinking Tasmanian Governor Who Invented The Blow My Skull Cocktail, And Captain Moonlite, Australia S Most Infamous LGBTI Bushranger Meet William Nicholson, The Melbourne Hipster Who Gave Australia The Steam Powered Coffee Roaster And The World The Secret Ballot And Say Hello To Harry, The First Camel Used In Australian Exploration, Who Shot Dead His Owner, The Explorer John HorrocksLearn How Truganini S Death Inspired The Martian Invasion Of Earth Discover The Role Of Hall And Oates In The Myall Creek Massacre And Be Reminded Why You Should Never Ever Smoke With The Wild Colonial Boy And Mad Dan Morgan

10 thoughts on “True Girt

  1. David Hunt David Hunt says:

    I am sad that I m not the first person to review my book I always wanted to be first at something This book has been a labour of love and I hope that others enjoy it Stay absurd, Australia.

  2. K. K. says:

    4.5 stars.David Hunt s first book, Girt, covers Australian history in New South Wales from prehistory to the end of the Lachlan Macquarie era in the 1820s This second volume backtracks to the settlement of Van Diemen s Land in 1803, and goes on to cover the convict era, the gold rushes, the settlement of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland, exploration, and bushranging before ending with

  3. Eve Dangerfield Eve Dangerfield says:

    I really enjoyed this book So much so it s difficult to put into words It was funny my sister and I have been exchanging lines all week touching and in many places depressing as all hell Why Well history kind of sucks Humanity is a shitty beast and it did is still doing, some seriously shitty things to poor people, black people, women and members of the LGBTQI community It s hard to hear about the convicts and suppo

  4. Calzean Calzean says:

    This series is able to put some new light into Australian history by looking at the foibles and idiosyncrasies of notable and not so notable officials, bushrangers, convicts, explorers, settlers and the poor Aboriginals It is a humorous history so it makes easy reading.However, I found the constant footnotes to be distracting and inconsistent I would have preferred the humour to be in the text and the footnotes to addo

  5. Loki Loki says:

    Even better than its predecessor, True Girt is a humourous and heartfelt stroll through the highways and byways of the first century or so of the European colonisation of Australia It s firmly in what historians like Keith Windschuttle would call the black armband view of Australian history, i.e the accurate one , and all the better for it Treating its various subjects with both sympathy and detached humour, it s a dense

  6. Ryan Brinkworth Ryan Brinkworth says:

    Another wonderful compendium of corrections to the shiny Australian history I learned at school Hunt calls a spade a spade, and is understandably evendirect toward the Irish, Tasmanians, early hipsters It s nice to see a rich context of Australia s foundation presented in such an entertaining way It s clear from my positive review, I m not from South Australia Another wonderful compendium of corrections to the shiny Australi

  7. Richard Richard says:

    Simultaneously immensely serious and immensely funny an unusual, but enthralling, take on Australian history.

  8. Aristotle Aristotle says:

    True Girt by David HuntA book after my own heart True Girt may very well be the best piece I ve read this year I think all reviewers carry personal biases and I m about to show mine in full force True Girt is everything it needs to be It s digestible, it s funny and it s Australian.First and foremost, True Girt understands where it sits tonally and with regards to it s depth It covers almost over a half a century of history with

  9. Morto Morto says:

    As the first volume, so the second brilliant.Both laugh out loud funny and sad and horrible at the same time, Hunt has done as he set out to do And the little nuggets of information e.g John Batman suffered from syphilis and didn t have much of a nose , often in hilarious footnotes, make the history all thememorable.People say history is boring they re reading the wrong books.Bring on volume 3

  10. Stacy Stacy says:

    Loved the second part of this series on Australian history So many things I never knew about Definitely a lotgrim than the first book but sadly, those are the stories that we need to know about the colonisation of Australia.

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