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[Reading] ➾ The Women with Silver Wings: The Inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II By Katherine Sharp Landdeck – Vejega.info The Thrilling, As Yet Untold History Of The Women Airforce Service Pilots, The Daring Female Aviators Who Helped The United States Win World War IIWhen Japanese Planes Executed A Sneak Attack On Pearl Harbor In December , Cornelia Fort Was Already In The Air At Twenty Two, Fort Was A Failed Debutante Hoping For A Fresh Start As A Flight Instructor In Hawaii She And Her Student Had Just Taken Off When The Bombs Began To Fall, And They Barely Made It Back To Ground That Morning Still, When The US Army Put Out A Call For Women Pilots To Aid The War Effort, Fort Was One Of The First To Respond She Became One Of , Women From Across The Nation Chosen From An Application Pool Of Than , To Converge On Sweetwater, Texas, To Train For The US Army Air Force In The Hope Of Earning Their Silver WingsIn The Women With Silver Wings, Historian Kate Landdeck Introduces Us To These Young Women As They Meet Even Tempered, Methodical Nancy Love And Formidable, Demanding Visionary Jacqueline Cochran, The Women Who First Envisioned Sending American Women Into The Air, And Whose Rivalry Would Define The WASP For Women Like Cornelia, It Was A Chance To Serve Her Country And To Prove That Women Aviators Are Just As Skilled And Able As MenWhile Not Authorized To Serve In Combat, The WASP Helped Train Male Pilots For Service Abroad And Risked Their Lives To Ferry Bombers Across The Atlantic Cornelia Herself Would Not Survive The War But Even Taking Into Account These Tragic Losses, Love And Cochran S Social Experiment Seemed To Be A Resounding Success Until, In , With The Tides Of The War Turning And Fewer Male Pilots Needed In Europe, Congress Pulled Out The Rug From Under The WASP The Program Was Disbanded, The Women Sent Home But The Bonds They D Made During Their Time Together Never Failed, And Over The Next Few Decades, They Banded Together To Fight For Recognition As The Military Veterans They Were And For Their Place In HistoryBeautifully Written And Painstakingly Researched, The Women With Silver Wings Is An Unforgettable Portrait Of These Fearless, Groundbreaking Women And Their Long Fight For Justice

10 thoughts on “The Women with Silver Wings: The Inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II

  1. Katie B Katie B says:

    I figured the odds were good when I picked this one up that I would find this to be an interesting read I ve read quite a few books about female aviators and also the roles women played during World War 2 but this is actually the first time I ve had the opportunity to read a nonfict

  2. Karen R Karen R says:

    4.5 Every so often a book comes my way that is incredibly inspiring and will live long in my heart This story about the daring and brave women airfare service pilots WASP is one of them I admire the author s meticulous research regarding these passionate and trailblazing aviators who flew du

  3. Loraine Loraine says:

    I am not an avid non fiction reader, but I found this new release absolutely fascinating The Woman s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron or WAFS was developed during World War 2 to find women who were already certified pilots who could ferry airplanes any that were used in the war from either a base to a repair

  4. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    The inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War 11Ms Landdeck is an associate professor and teaches courses on the twentieth century United States and global war What an interesting read her book is The Women with Silver Wings is the culmination of her 20 years of research on the Wo

  5. Maureen Caupp Maureen Caupp says:

    My favorite book of 2020 so far The Women with Silver Wings tells the story of the women who trained and served as Women Airforce Service Pilots during WWII Over 1000 thousand women served as WASPs and 38 women were killed while training or performing their work These women were passionate about flying and serving the

  6. Joyce Joyce says:

    Thoroughly researched history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots WASPs that spotlights several female pilots, especially Nancy Love and Jacqueline Cochrane who worked with the Army to employ women as pilots and then fought for them to receive the same benefits as their male counterparts More politics than action but it fills

  7. Annissa Joy Armstrong Annissa Joy Armstrong says:

    I enjoyed this book It was very well written and contained a lot of information about women pilots and their contributions in aviation during WW ll The women of WASP were the first women to fly for the US Katherine Sharp Landdeck did a great job recording this history that a lot of people probably do not know about It was a very good r

  8. Dennis Hogan Dennis Hogan says:

    Finished The Women with Silver Wings The Inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II by Katherine Sharp Landdeck This is a terrific account of the pioneering female aviators who stepped in to fill the need for pilots to ferry new planes being produced in ever increasing numbers to the military for use overseas Thir

  9. Aurora Aurora says:

    It s obvious from the very first chapter that this book was a labour of love With a relentless attention to detail and an understanding gained through hours of work including tracking down news item, letters, photos, documents and interviews with many of the WASP, Katherine Sharp Landdeck captures the passion, the dedication and the disappointments and

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    Apparently, it was a popular thing for young women of middle class and upper class to fly and earn their pilots licenses in the late 1930 s The male pilots were reluctant to share the skies with the ladies, but it became necessary as World War II involvement neededpilots These ladies ferried new airplanes from factories to military fields It wasn t until Preside

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