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✅ The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: PlantingPruning Techniques PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Tracy DiSabato-Aust – Vejega.info With Than , Copies Sold Since Its Original Publication, The Well Tended Perennial Garden Has Proven Itself To Be One Of The Most Useful Tools A Gardener Can Have Now, In This Expanded Edition, There S Even To Learn From And Enjoy This Is The First, And Still The Most Thorough, Book To Detail Essential Practices Of Perennial Care Such As Deadheading, Pinching, Cutting Back, Thinning, Disbudding, And Deadleafing, All Of Which Are Thoroughly Explained And Illustrated More Than New Color Photographs Have Been Added To This Revised Edition, Showing Perennials In Various Border Situations And Providing Images For Each Of The Entries In The A To Z Encyclopedia Of Important Perennial Species In Addition, There Is A New Page Journal Section, In Which You Can Enter Details, Notes, And Observations About The Requirements And Performance Of Perennials In Your Own Garden Thousands Of Readers Have Commented That The Well Tended Perennial Garden Is One Of The Most Useful And Frequently Consulted Books In Their Gardening Libraries This New, Expanded Edition Promises To Be An Even Effective Ally In Your Quest To Create A Beautiful, Healthy, Well Maintained Perennial Garden

10 thoughts on “The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: PlantingPruning Techniques

  1. Lady Mayfair Lady Mayfair says:

    I ve read both Tracy DiSabato Aust and Barbara Damrosch in an attempt to do some semi serious gardening, although I admit I skipped the vegetable part of both books, as I am only interested in flowers This book is in no way a light read, but a very well researched companion for experienced gardeners who want to take it to the next level, which the author does indeed with chapters on how to

  2. Claire Claire says:

    This is a great book giving advice on how to tend perennials to extend bloom pinching, cutting back early in the season or to deadhead for rebloom, etc.It isinteresting than I am making it sound I read it once, and now use it as a reference.

  3. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Excellent book on maintenance techniques for perennials Very little in the way of design advice but I will look for that in another book I took the time though to read through the encyclopedia of plants at the back and take notes on the ones I have in the backyard Supplanted my normal reading for two weeks To me that is high praise for a gardening tome.

  4. Lee Lee says:

    If I had to choose one gardening book, this would be the one.

  5. Anita Campbell Anita Campbell says:

    As we go into late summer and soon to be fall, the garden starts to look a little raggedy Despite what many people think, perennials look a lot better in the late summer or fall if you do some tending You have to clean them up a bit as they wind down their flowering remove old flower stalks, trim yellowing leaves, and in some cases cut back the plant to a few inches whereupon it will send up a new flush of fresh green growth

  6. Trudie Trudie says:

    This is the only perennial gardening book a cold climate gardener needs The author has a wealth of information that would ordinarily take a lifetime of experience to learn I m a master gardener Most other perennial books are primarily plant encyclopedias This writer has actually gotten her hands dirty.

  7. Debbie Debbie says:

    Excellent reference for the perennial garden how to prune plants you d never think of shaping or pruning borrowed from the library but one I ll buy.

  8. Diane Diane says:

    More of a gardening autobiography or an I Love Me book than helpful The text and photos constantly refer to her own or clients gardens.

  9. Karen Karen says:

    Essential reference for practicing horticulturists Geared to Midwestern US, but easily adjusted to your region by comparing seasonal events Excellent maintenance info.

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    Informative nice color photos.

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