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[[ Download ]] ➵ The Twilight Collection (Twilight, #1-3)  Author Stephenie Meyer – Vejega.info Deeply Romantic And Extraordinarily Suspenseful,Twilight,New Moon, AndEclipsecapture The Struggle Between Defying Our Instincts And Satisfying Our Desires This Stunning Set Includes Three Hardcover Books, Two Full Color Posters And Exclusive Tattoos, And Makes The Perfect Gift For Fans Of This Bestselling Vampire Love Story.

10 thoughts on “The Twilight Collection (Twilight, #1-3)

  1. ehnonymus ehnonymus says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here stephenie meyer, i spit in your general direction i started the series because they are the obsession of every twelve year old girl i work with, i finished them because i wanted to be able to condemn them with a clear conscience i take no issue with explicit vampire lovin , but i cannot st

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    Here we go.Twilight New Moon Eclipse Small nod to Mrs Meyers for spawning a series that continues to captivate a young audience Aside from that brief allowance, I ve gotthan a few frowns for this trio of teen angst.The message If an author employs a thesaurus to the narrative of a high school girl I dare not say heroine, because Ms Swan is surely not one of these , the reader

  3. Heather Murphy Heather Murphy says:

    I don t think this series is good for young adults because it introduces them to dark things like Vampires and suggests that it s okay in this series they are friendly and civilized But once the intrigue with this subject has been placed in the children s minds, they will probably want to read other vampire books which could be scary and dangerous to their spirits taking away sensiti

  4. Arlene Arlene says:

    Feeling a bit nostalgicTwilight Re read July 14 July 16, 2014It s twilight It s the safest time of the day for us. The easiest time But also the saddest, in a way the end of another day, the return of the night Darkness is so predictable, don t you think So ready for this to be the end, for this to be the twilight of your life, though your life has barely started You re ready to give up ever

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    So I just read the first three Twilight books, and I m not moving onto the fourth in the near future, because I need to clear my head of all this tsuris PSo let s clear everything up right away The Twilight books are horrible Horrible writing seriously, did we have to go through every step of Bella s days Horrible characterization honestly, Bella s intuition had to do with how quickly Stephenie want

  6. April April says:

    These books are very well written and great for Young Adult readers I fell in love with the first book, and couldn t wait to get my hands on the next ones The first in the series is being made into a movie to come out this December, and the author is a Chandler native Book four in Aug 08.

  7. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    My annoyance with this series is that it sucks you no pun intended with the promise of a good story that in the end doesn t deliver If I could have be certain from the onset that this series were aboutcheese than substance, I could have laughed with everyone else Instead I read a story that should have ended afar book one with at a bite that never should have been taken back Had I heard about the series after the c

  8. Mindy Mindy says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This review gets five stars only because I have been drawn into the world Meyer has created Despite all my inner workings I actually like the story The writing isn t spectacular, but it s the story itself that folds you in and holds you.I ll admit it, I ve read the seriesthan once The second time was just pure pleasure I was unwilling to leave

  9. Esme Esme says:

    i loved the books and to all the bitches that dont like it are missing the best parts and are only reading it beacause you want to see why every one talks about it so much and are missing the whole point that you just want to be different and dis on the best series ever so fuck off and is you stop reading them in breaking dawn you miss the best thing there the wedding ,the death, the wars , the baby the sadness, anll the good thin

  10. Kate Kate says:

    The characters in this series are very engaging, which is why reading the trilogy was a breeze I thoroughly enjoyed the books and am glad I took the time to find outabout that BYU author from Provo I also read this book after finishing Bram Stoker s Dracula, which made for some interesting vampire comparisons Alas, I was disappointed to find numerous errors in the books, something you shouldn t have to encounter even from a small publishe

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