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✽ The Tale of Despereaux  kindle Epub ❁ Author Kate DiCamillo – Vejega.info A Brave Mouse, A Covetous Rat, A Wishful Serving Girl, And A Princess Named Pea Come Together In Kate DiCamillo S Newbery Medal Winning Tale.Welcome To The Story Of Despereaux Tilling, A Mouse Who Is In Love With Music, Stories, And A Princess Named Pea It Is Also The Story Of A Rat Called Roscuro, Who Lives In The Darkness And Covets A World Filled With Light And It Is The Story Of Miggery Sow, A Slow Witted Serving Girl Who Harbors A Simple, Impossible Wish These Three Characters Are About To Embark On A Journey That Will Lead Them Down Into A Horrible Dungeon, Up Into A Glittering Castle, And, Ultimately, Into Each Other S Lives What Happens Then As Kate DiCamillo Would Say Reader, It Is Your Destiny To Find Out.

10 thoughts on “The Tale of Despereaux

  1. Claire Greene Claire Greene says:

    I picked this book up on a whim in the Barnes Noble because I liked the look of the cover and the jagged edges of the paper that gave it a classic feel I was looking for a new bedtime book to read to my children 2 and 6 at the time We like to read a bigger book, one chapter each night for bedtime stories I read the description and thought it sounded like a good idea so I went ahead and bought it which is REALLY unusual for m

  2. Camille Camille says:

    OK, so now that I ve thought about what I really think about this book, I m changing my rating from 3 stars to 2 stars There wasthat I didn t like than I liked After hearing a lot good reports about this book, I think I was expecting something different I liked the idea of the light versus dark I liked the unlikely friendship between the mouse and the princess I liked the forgiveness And I liked that it ended up happily ever af

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Tale of Despereaux, Kate DiCamilloThe adventures of a mouse named Despereaux Tilling, as he sets out on his quest to rescue a beautiful human princess from the rats The novel is divided into four books and ends with a coda Each book tells the story from a different character s or group of characters perspective Despereaux, Roscuro, Miggery Sow, and finally a...

  4. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    I remember reading books like this or having them read to me as a kid It was always a frustrating experience, because I never liked when the author would stop the story in order to go back over something Yeah, I got it the first time, I would think to myself Learning, teaching and making sure the kids get it is important, but so is keeping them engaged The story itself is only okay It s nothing terribly exciting and honestly not a lo

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    Absolutely enchanting Full of compassion, sweetness and dreamers, with exquisite word choice and delicate rhythms The narrator s voice is like a comforting but sharply intelligent grandmother, pushing you to ...

  6. Apokripos Apokripos says:

    Seeing the Light A Book Review of Kate DiCamillo s The Tale of Desperaux Despereaux Tilling is the most unusual mouse you lll likely meet Conspicously small with considerable large ears, he has always been seen as different, an outsider among his own a mouse drawn to music, fascinated with stories, and breaks the strict rule of their kind by falling in love with a human, the Princess Pea.Roscuro leads a normal, rotten rat life in the dunge

  7. Eryn☘ Eryn☘ says:

    3 starsI remember reading this as a child and enjoying it, though I m sure it wouldn t be as good as when I d read it at eleven Therefore, 3 stars seems good enough.

  8. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    I never knew this was a book I saw the movie of it on one of my bus trips north Or maybe it was on the return trip south Or even both, because I know I saw it twice I thought the movie was wonderful, but as I say, I never knew it had been a book first I just stumbled across the title while browsing at my favorite online used book seller one day and thought Oh, I have to get this And the book was every bit as wonderful as the movie Actually bette

  9. Gloria Gloria says:

    This book left me with the feeling that this story may not appeal to all readers There were several important themes addressed in the story, yet little emotional attachment to the characters The only character that many might relate to is Despereaux himself He is different both physically and emotionally from his peers which at first mostly works against him, though ultimately these unique qualities eventually save the day.I did really appreciate t

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Um, I really disliked this book I read it aloud with my 3 and feel like a bad parent for doing so Poor Miggery Sow named after a pig, motherless, traded for next to nothing, abused, and then later described as lazy and fat Crikey And then there was the author s penchant for describing things to the Reader as an aside Despereaux actually has a small part considering the continuous horrors of the story evil rats, fair weathered parents siblings, the Que

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