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[ PDF ] ✈ The Secret Teachers of the Western World  Author Gary Lachman – Vejega.info Read The Secret Teachers Of The Western World Gary Lachman New Books.run This Epic Study Unveils The Esoteric Masters Who Have Covertly Impacted The Intellectual Development Of The West, From Pythagoras And Zoroaster To The Little Known Modern Icons Jean Gebser And Schwaller De Lubicz Running Alongside The Mainstream Of Western Intellectual History There Is Another Current Which, In A Very Real Sense, Should Take Pride Of Place, But Which For The Last Few Centuries Has Occupied A Shadowy, Inferior Position, Somewhere Underground This Other Stream Forms The Subject Of Gary Lachman S Epic History And Analysis, The Secret Teachers Of The Western World In This Clarifying, Accessible, And Fascinating Study, The Acclaimed Historian Explores The Western Esoteric Tradition A Thought Movement With Ancient Roots And Modern Expressions, Which, In A Broad Sense, Regards The Cosmos As A Living, Spiritual, Meaningful Being And Humankind As Having A Unique Obligation And Responsibility In It.The Historical Roots Of Our Counter Tradition, As Lachman Explores, Have Their Beginning In Alexandria Around The Time Of Christ It Was Then That We Find The First Written Accounts Of The Ancient Tradition, Which Had Earlier Been Passed On Orally Here, In This Remarkable City, Filled With Teachers, Philosophers, And Mystics From Egypt, Greece, Asia, And Other Parts Of The World, In A Multi Cultural, Multi Faith, And Pluralistic Society, A Synthesis Took Place, A Creative Blending Of Different Ideas And Visions, Which Gave The Hidden Tradition The Eclectic Character It Retains Today The History Of Our Esoteric Tradition Roughly Forms Three Parts Part One After Looking Back At The Earliest Roots Of The Esoteric Tradition In Ancient Egypt And Greece, The Historical Narrative Opens In Alexandria In The First Centuries Of The Christian Era Over The Following Centuries, It Traces Our Other Tradition Through Such Agents As The Hermeticists Kabbalists Gnostics Neoplatonists And Early Church Fathers, Among Many Others We Examine The Reemergence Of The Lost Hermetic Books In The Renaissance And Their Influence On The Emerging Modern Mind.Part Two Begins With The Fall Of Hermeticism In The Late Renaissance And The Beginning Of The Esoteric Counterculture In 1614, The Same Year That The Hermetic Teachings Fell From Grace, A Strange Document Appeared In Kassel, Germany Announcing The Existence Of A Mysterious Fraternity The Rosicrucians Part Two Charts The Impact Of The Rosicrucians And The Esoteric Currents That Followed, Such As The Romance Movement And The European Occult Revival Of The Late Nineteenth Century, Including Madame Blavatsky And The Opening Of The Western Mind To The Wisdom Of The East, And The Fin De Si Cle Occultism Of The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn.Part Three Chronicles The Rise Of Modern Esotericism, As Seen In The Influence Of Rudolf Steiner, Gurdjieff, Annie Besant, Krishnamurti, Aleister Crowley, R A Schwaller De Lubicz, And Many Others Central Is The Life And Work Of C.G Jung, Perhaps The Most Important Figure In The Development Of Modern Spirituality The Book Looks At The Occult Revival Of The Mystic Sixties And Our Own New Age, And How This Itself Has Given Birth To A Critical, Rigorous Investigation Of The Ancient Wisdom With Many Detours And Dead Ends, We Now Seem To Be Slowly Moving Into A Watershed It Has Become Clear That The Dominant, Left Brain, Reductionist View, Once So Liberating And Exciting, Has Run Out Of Steam, And The Promise Of That Much Sought After Paradigm Change Seems Possible We May Be On The Brink Of A Culminating Moment Of The Esoteric Intellectual Tradition Of The West.

10 thoughts on “The Secret Teachers of the Western World

  1. Dave Mclaughlin Dave Mclaughlin says:

    A miracle of a book It will have you revisiting everything you think you know Gary Lachman takes what is typically very inaccessible material and makes it easy to understand And this is as it should be, for revisiting the relationship between consciousness and reality and unravelling our now almost completely reductionist world view is essen.

  2. Jen Jen says:

    I really enjoyed this book and wish I had read it and it had been written when I was still doing split brain research It served as an excellent counter argument to Yuval Harari s Homo Sapiens and Homo Deus books It also helps explain our 2018 ambivalence over fake news and disinterest in truth seeking Lachman might explain this as the right brain

  3. Allan Allan says:

    I ll give athorough reflection on this later on I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. Mike Luoma Mike Luoma says:

    Ready for the Big Picture Lachman isn t suggesting this is a direct lineage, but rather that esoteric practices have continued in the West underground for a very long time More than this, he deals with the question of the nature of consciousness, and left brain right brain dominance how does whichever side is in charge color our perception of reality and

  5. Crystal Crystal says:

    I really wanted to like this book and really did for the most part There is a lot of information in this book, and it is all fascinating to me Only I came across a problem when the author was discussing the Fox sisters, who held the first s ances in the late 1800 s But one thing the Author did not mention was that the girls later admitted to faking the rappi

  6. Brandon Bosworth Brandon Bosworth says:

    A strange, fascinating history of the role of esoterics and mystics in Western civilization Trivia note Lachman was a founding member of Blondie.

  7. David David says:

    Gary Lachman tends toward inconsistency in his scholarship concerning the occult and mystical However, in The Secret Teachers of the Western World he has turned in an excellent esoteric history of Western thought Whether or not readers are persuaded by his arguments the book is an excellent bit of cultural history and anthropology and is worth reading by all those d

  8. Spencer Spencer says:

    Gary Lachman apparently used to be Blondie s Gary Valentine and wrote their Theosophical hit, I Am Always Touched By Your Presence So, apparently his interest in the occult stretches way back This is the first book of his that I ve read It presents a general overview of esoteric history with the basic premise that there has always been a right brain mentality in opposit

  9. Richard Friedericks Richard Friedericks says:

    This book brought together ideas and readings I ve come across since the 60s It is a great historical review of great streams of thought and spiritual insights that have pushed civilization forward I highly recommend it to anyone inte...

  10. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    Slow build up, but great narrative He succeeds in making easy to follow connections without getting caught up in biographies and philosophy Read at the risk of boredom however The minimal philosophy makes the work less engaging, I think.

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