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[[ PDF ]] ✈ The Mystics of Mile End  Author Sigal Samuel – Vejega.info PDF The Mystics Of Mile End By Sigal Samuel Freeboooks.com Sigal Samuel S Debut Novel, In The Vein Of Nicole Krauss S Bestselling The History Of Love, Is An Imaginative Story That Delves Into The Heart Of Jewish Mysticism, Faith, And Family This Is Not An Ordinary Tree I Am Making This, He Said, This Is The Tree Of Knowledge In The Half Hasidic, Half Hipster Montreal Neighborhood Of Mile End, Eleven Year Old Lev Meyer Is Discovering That There May Be A Place For Judaism In His Life As He Learns About Science In His Day School, Lev Begins His Own Extracurricular Study Of The Bible S Tree Of Knowledge With Neighbor Mr Katz, Who Is Building His Own Tree Out Of Trash Meanwhile His Sister Samara Is Secretly Studying For Her Bat Mitzvah With Next Door Neighbor And Holocaust Survivor, Mr Glassman All The While His Father, David, A Professor Of Jewish Mysticism, Is A Non Believer.When, Years Later, David Has A Heart Attack, He Begins To Believe God Is Speaking To Him While Having An Affair With One Of His Students, He Delves Into The Complexities Of Kabbalah Months Later Samara, Too, Grows Obsessed With The Kabbalah S Tree Of Life Hiding Her Interest From Those Who Love Her Most And Is Overcome With Reaching The Tree S Highest Heights The Neighbors Of Mile End Have Been There All Along, But Only One Of Them Can Catch Her When She Falls.

10 thoughts on “The Mystics of Mile End

  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    4.5 stars.This book is about the Jewish experience and no doubt , if a reader is Jewish, they may understand this in a different way , feel something about the story in a different way than I did In all honesty there were things about this book that I did not understand, so I ll talk about those things that I did that this was a book about grief and love

  2. Melki Melki says:

    Don t see signs in everything It makes it impossible to live.I m not sure what possessed little atheistic me to enter a giveaway for a book about Jewish mysticism, A dybbuk Shut up, I don t believe in you , but I m glad I did.Samuel s book is a gem, filled with lovely writing and interesting characters searching for something to believe in.First we meet young Le

  3. Elyse Elyse says:

    Jewish mysticism, religion, science, chaos, loss, grief, secrets, and searching for meaning in life, are themes explored This is a wonderful tender storywith an aura of the mythic, the magical, and mystery of the universe Sigal Samuel irresistibly drew me into the characters, the struggles, the failings, the pain, betrayals, the friendships, the trust, and the wonder o

  4. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    I just saw Sigal read from this novel last night at her Vancouver launch, and I fell in love with the book all over again I might have to read it a second time It captivates with its themes of mysticism, tradition, queer identity, death and recovery Wonderfully ambitious, yet deftly crafted.

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    What a beautiful and complex novel I loved being enveloped in the stories of Lev, Samara, and David, and seeing the lines cross over each other An ambitious undertaking, but Sigal Samuel is a bold guide into an area I know very little about Her phrases flashed at me like beacons to follow, ones like Everywhere I looked, a thousand tiny outstretched hands waited to pull me up There w

  6. Gisela Gisela says:

    This ambitious novel succeeded at every level for me The writing is exquisite and the characters are memorable and engaging The story itself is complex, exploring the themes of science, religion, faith, Jewish mysticism, joy, despa...

  7. Jason Pettus Jason Pettus says:

    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally Say what you will about the school of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, but it s certainly served as a great basis for all kinds of metaphorically and symbolically wonderful pieces of contemporary fiction, from

  8. Ruthie Ruthie says:

    I really wanted to like this book, especially since it is set in one of my favorite parts of Montreal I loved the first section, the story being told from the perspective of young Lev, but did not enjoy the narratives of his father and sister, partially because I did to like them, partially because as the story delvedandinto the Kaballah study it became less and less believable to me There were other se

  9. Matt Matt says:

    The study of the Tree of Life is one of the most hallowed and important facets of Jewish mysticism The allure of climbing the tree, of learningandand eventually ascending into another form, is so enticing, that the study of this branch of Kabbalah is for the most part only allowed to be undertaken by married men over the age of forty Such is the danger of losing oneself to the beautiful dream.Sigal Samuel s de

  10. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    It has taken me quite a while to digest this novel It started out very strong, written from the point of view of Lev Meyer, who is exploring religion and what role it plays in his life There were three other parts to the novel, all from the points of view of different narrators I wish it had all been in Lev s voice I think I would have liked itFor some reason I couldn t connect with the other characters I don t want

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