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[Download] ➼ The Monk as Man  ➾ Sankar – Vejega.info A well researched book by Shankar on the wandering mystic s personal life The book is an elaborate work of research on Swamiji s love for his mother and family, financial constraints, love for food, and his health problems The author brings into the book a number of citations from Swamiji s letters to his mother, gurubhais, friends, disciples, admirers, etc His love for his mother, even after renouncing his family to become a saint, is something which has to be followed by today s young generation It was a It gives immense personal touch while reading Author has very deep study and had given very unknown aspect of Swami His life is example of what can be achieved in 39 Years 5 months life He has introduced Hinduism to west He had deep love for h A big Kudos to the author for such an effort to bring out a detailed description of Vivekananda s personal life.It s so painful to read about the mental and physical agony that Vivekananda had to go through.For someone who put forth our religion,culture and tradition to the western world,its heart breaking to read that he almost starved to death Nowadays, people who call themselves as saints just because they talk philosophies seem to live a rich and luxurious life whereas he lived the way a saint should.Coming back to the book,the author seems to be so fascinated that he describ This is really worst book The author goes to nuances of his life but ulitmately losing the very purpose of describing the main pictures.The author has no idea of where to start and where to end just like I write this comment.Plethora of unn Before you read this read, you need to know about Swami Ji The author jumps here and there for a reason The author presents facts about Swami Ji with proper references I would definitely recommend this book. Rating 4 5 A man who is not afraid of starvation is afraid of nothing Remain pure Maintain your self esteem, and never hurt another s Remain calm, but be firm if necessaryLife is a constant attempt to express one self and fulfill one s goal against all oddsThis Book is re A wonderful account on the personal life of the world renowned monk, Swami Vivekananda. Must read book This book brings out the vulnerabilities and challenges in Vivekananda s life What I like is, the book demystifies the Swami and presents the idea that we all have weaknesses What distinguishes an evolved soul from the rest is how one lives through these weak moments.Sankar presents well the idea that the path to self realization is the path to reach higher consciousness It is through relationships that we see the divine in other beings It is through relationships that we pay our karmic debts, we learn, we forgive and become better versions of ourselves The manner in which Vivekananda expressed his love, for the family in which he was born and the universal family he lived in, is brought out very well in the book Personal life and vedanta are not at odds with each other in Vivekananda s life and that is what The Monk As Man The Unknown Life Was Published In The Year 2011, And This Biography Of Swami Vivekananda Is Written By The Renowned Bengali Author Sankar It Is An English Translation Of The Same Book In Bengali.Founder Of The Renowned Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Vivekananda Reconciled Religion With Scientific Enquiry He Emphasised On Inculcating, Within One S Self, An Unwavering Faith And An Insatiable Thirst For Knowledge He Never Propagated Blind Belief And Was A Successful Ambassador Of India S Spiritual Side To The West.Swami Vivekananda Was Also A Mystic Who Traveled Extensively, And On These Journeys, Which Were No Less Than Epiphanies To Him, He Came Face To Face With The Stark Poverty Of India, Which Affected Him Deeply And Defined Him As A Man It Turned Him Into A Champion Of The Cause Of The Poor And Made Him A Role Model Philanthropist.We Are All Aware Of These Aspects Of The Swami S Life Numerous Books Have Been Written About Him By His Brothers, Disciples, And Students, And By Those Who Simply Knew Him And Benefited By Interacting With Him Swami Himself Wrote Various Letters And Gave Speeches, Which Also Serve As A Peek In To His Life And Endeavours.Keeping All These Aspects Into Account And Indulging Further Into His History, Sankar Has Attempted To Chronicle The Lesser Talked Aspect Of His Life Swami Vivekananda As A Human Being In His Book The Monk As Man The Unknown Life.Journeying Through The Pages Of These Books, Readers Will Be Confronted With The Tumultuous Family Ties Of His Life And His Relationship With His Mother Will Be Brought To Light After Swami Vivekananda Cut All Family Ties And Set Out On His Mission, His Brothers Never As Much As Bothered To Enquire After Him Why So Also, As The Rumours Go, Did Swami S Sister Really Kill Herself Did The Tedious Disputes Over Matters Of Family Property Affect Swami S Health And Psychology To The Point Of Taking A Toll On His Life All These Questions That Had Never Been Associ

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