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[ EPUB ] ✻ The Love Left Behind  Author Daniel de Lorne – Vejega.info Copy received from Netgalley for an honest reviewThe blurb caught my interest as I was flicking through Netgalley one day I did like the difference in their family dynamics and how they deal with them They really are both so different, but I think that was what fired their attraction, even when they didn t want it to.I liked the different ways they dealt with losses from the past, even when they are holding them back from their future.I liked the way they brought out the best in each other, when they are at their worst.I did enjoy Lyall and Nick s story, however I did feel everything was a bit rushed though the start was a little slow, if that makes sense.I know, I know, I am contra If you want an angsty book, that will make you ugly cry, this is the one The things these characters go through is hell, but it s also full of Hope, love and family But it s not an easy road Fears and grief cause damage and fights and it s tough to get past them to get to the love and the relationship Before he lost his mom to cancer, they made a list together of places she would love to visit before she turned 50 Unfortunately, the cancer ravaged her body, and she didn t make it So as a tribute to her, he decided to spread a bit of her ashes in each place before her 50th birthday He just returned from trip 48, worn out and on edge, still recovering from getting sick in the jungle, when he sees the most gorgeous electrician working on the lights in his building Lyall sees Nick and thinks he s gorgeous, especially when about 15 minutes later, a shower and shaved Nick emerges While Lyall is working on the lights in Nick s apartment, they are shooting the breeze Nick decides to follow his instincts and asks Lyall out on a date Lyall was going to accept, until he learned what Nick does for a living Being a pilot, Lyall knows it can never work now Lyall will never get on a plane He s terrified a The Author s Note made it sound like this was his first attempt at a fluffy romance, but good lord was this not remotely close to fluffy enough for me Also, there was zero banter and zero chemistry between the leads, which I This book started out a little slow but got better the I read Nick and Lyall meet when Nick needs an electrician, and they are immediately attracted to each other They go out once and hit it of, but Lyall finds out that Nick is a pilot and feels that they have no future together his brother died in a plane crash and he is terrified of not only flying but losing another loved one in a plane crash as well Although this does not bode well for them, Lyall decides to give Nick a chance and they start to see of each other They get along well and their relationship progresses Nick has his own hangups his mother passed away very young and he is completing a list of traveling to 50 places she wanted to go to before she turned 50 with the date looming along with his terrible relationship with his father who is, well, terrible 3.25 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date May 4, 2019What happens when a man with his heart in the clouds falls for one whose feet are firmly stuck to the ground Pilot Nick Galanos is on a mission to visit the fifty countries his mother couldn t before she died But the closer he gets to his goal, the he worries that he won t have anything to show for it but stamps in a crowded passport On a rare visit back home, he meets a hot electrician with a killer set of dimples Suddenly a future of shared adventures seems possible.Except for one thingLyall Turner s big brother died in a plane crash He s been afraid of flying most of his life, but there s no shortage of destinations in Australia that don t require a boarding pass But then he meets Nick and suddenly his no biggie phobia stands squarely in the way of a beautiful future together Now he has to decide whether he s going to let his fear or his heart take the lead.And will Nick stay grounded while he decides REVIEW 3.25 stars THE LOVE LEFT BEHIND by Daniel de Lorne is a stand alone, contemporary, adult, MM romance story line focusing on thirty year old, airline pilot Nick Galanos, and electrician Lyall Turner.Told from dual third person perspectives Nick and Lyall THE LOVE LEFT BEHIND follows the building relationship and romance between thirty year old, airline pilot Nick Galanos, and electrician Lyall Turner Having met when Lyall was hired to che 3 3.5 stars Didn t love this one, but I d like to read by the authorThe cover for The Love Left Behind initially caught my eye and the blurb left me excited to read this story by a new to ne author I really enjoyed the premise and generally liked the characters The writing was smooth and polished with good transitions between the narrative and dialogue, so I definitely will look for of the author s work despite this being a bit of a rocky read for me As much as I enjoyed The Love Left Behind and was caught up by the story, there were aspects that frustrated me enough to step away at times From the start, it was clear Nick and Lyall had a spark even though they were quite different I liked the idea of the pull of their attraction countered by the push of their lifestyles and interests, and was even prepared to overlook how fast both men were thinking about forever after a date and a few conversations What didn t sit so well with me was the lack of communication Even when the secrets were meant to protect or not overwhelm their new partner, they felt like plot points vs natural conflicts and ended up leaving me exasperated Perhaps if there weren t quite so many hiccups to these two aligning covered in a relatively short book, I would have had time to enjoy their relationship rather than get caught up in the drama keeping them apart That said, I did keep picking the book back up and was happy to see these men get their h Overall, this was a sweet story, an entertaining read, with endearing characters and interesting details.I did find the beginning to be oddly paced, with both characters thinking about forever after a single date I can certainly understand seeing promise or potential after a single date, but these sentiments seemed overly dramatic Chapter 5 I ll find someone But will you He shrugged I hope so I thought it might have been Lyall, but AndChapter 6 They d been on one one date but there d been enough of an attraction for him to feel that spark of potential He wanted to be the one Nick came home for And the certainty of wanting forever came fast on the heels, with, He wanted He wanted forever, in Chapter 8.After that, though, the pacing smoothed out and the rest of the story flowed well.One other distracting oddity I have always found it bizarre that romance authors portray chemistry between characters as an actual physical spark This author was completely over the top with this, and what made it annoying was the fact that one main character was an electrician For example the electrician had kept him buzzing all day Such a small light touch but electricity zapped his skin having him so near sent a low What Happens When A Man With His Heart In The Clouds Falls For One Whose Feet Are Firmly Stuck To The Ground Pilot Nick Galanos Is On A Mission To Visit The Fifty Countries His Mother Couldn T Before She Died But The Closer He Gets To His Goal, The He Worries That He Won T Have Anything To Show For It But Stamps In A Crowded Passport On A Rare Visit Back Home, He Meets A Hot Electrician With A Killer Set Of Dimples Suddenly A Future Of Shared Adventures Seems Possible.Except For One Thing Lyall Turner S Big Brother Died In A Plane Crash He S Been Afraid Of Flying Most Of His Life, But There S No Shortage Of Destinations In Australia That Don T Require A Boarding Pass But Then He Meets Nick And Suddenly His No Biggie Phobia Stands Squarely In The Way Of A Beautiful Future Together Now He Has To Decide Whether He S Going To Let His Fear Or His Heart Take The Lead.And Will Nick Stay Grounded While He Decides 3.5 I enjoyed this romance, it was interesting to see how they each coped with their issues and how it impacted on the other I liked the chemistry between Nick and Lyall and how Nick was willing to work with Lyall s fear of flying I didn t understand why Nick kept his promise to his mother secret fr The Love Left Behind is a very heartfelt and tender story It s a romance that is wrapped around all the pitfalls that one may navigate through our life Easily relatable and oh so moving, our main characters do what they can to hold onto what they have when life throws you another curveball.Both Lyall and Nick have lost loved ones There was no way to know the lasting effects those losses had on them Sometimes those cruel twists of fate are what propels us to move forward with our best life, rather than to quit living life altogether.Nick lost his mom to cancer Her dying wish was for Nick to visit all the places in the world she would never have a chance to see Being a pilot for a major commercial airline, he is positioned well to take on this challenge The final destination is her birthplace, Greece Oh how he would love to share this experience with Lyall.Lyall lost his brother in a plane crash thus giving him a gut wrenching fear of flying Whenever he thinks of flying, his anxiety makes him physically sick Once he meets Nick, he knows he would like to travel with him someday He decides to take some steps and try to help ease his fear of flying.There is a lot going on within this book Both characters have issues they need to sort through Plus they need to communicate and let th

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