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[BOOKS] ⚡ The Gluten Connection  ✯ Shari Lieberman – Vejega.info One Of The Nation S Top Clinical Nutritionists Presents Her 14 Day Program For Treating And Reversing Gluten Sensitivity, A Condition That Affects As Much As 35 To 50 Percent Of The U.S Population And Is A Major Contributing Factor To An Array Of Chronic IllnessesStruggling With Weight Gain Plagued By Fatigue Suffering From Joint Pain According To Preeminent Clinical

10 thoughts on “The Gluten Connection

  1. Jessica Pierce Jessica Pierce says:

    I m interested in finding outabout the connection between different ailments and gluten sensitivity, but this particular book was too focused on anecdotal evidence for me Sure, it had a lot of statistics, but it had a ton of stories that started with lines such as, There was a 53 year old woman in N...

  2. Teresa Teresa says:

    Another of my favorite health books Helped me understand that lectin in nightshades and casein in milk can mimick gluten in wheat and cause reactions A great insight to my health

  3. Morgan Morgan says:

    There is a lot of useful information in this book, and it would be useful for anyone who suspects they may have a sensitivity to gluten Lieberman explains that gluten intolerance can be present without celiac disease, and that it causes many surprising symptoms This book is a good introduction to a gluten free lifestyle and

  4. Lia Lia says:

    So far this is the most valuable book on gluten intolerance that I have encountered The first half of the book looks at studies and research about how using a gluten free diet has resolved all kinds of long standing health problems which weren t responding to normal treatment She also gives a complete scientific but understandab

  5. ~☆~Autumn♥♥ ~☆~Autumn♥♥ says:

    Since Dr Scot Lewey told me that I have celiac disease I purchased a few books on this but they don t help me that much as I am addicted to gluten per Dr Lewey It might be the reason I have very dark circles under my eyes It says that one percent of those with CFS have celiac It might be the reason I am so tired all the time and hav

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    This will be my go to book for reference regarding gluten questions friends may have So much of it made sense to me, as someone who has been dealing with hprothyroid issues I have started a gluten free plan, and it helped to read a resource that connected them, as well as connecting many other health symptoms to gluten There were some p

  7. Amanda Watts Amanda Watts says:

    This is a great introduction to gluten for someone beginning their research in the possibility of being gluten sensitive Some reviews say it s too anecdotal, but it s meant to be that way to give a few examples of how gluten sensitivity can affect a wide range of people and diseases This was an eye opening book for me since I knew nothing a

  8. Danika Danika says:

    Pretty valuable info about gluten and its affect on all sorts of health issues The author is quite biased though If you didn t do any other research, you d conclude that gluten is the source of all evil Either way, a very solid resource for someone ...

  9. Blerd Writer Blerd Writer says:

    The beginning of this book is very good and appeared to be a book that would give a lot of wonderful information about gluten free living Instead, it turned mostly into a book with case studies instead of information that could bebeneficial for a person...

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    GREAT resource book that really details all the connections between gluten sensitivity and a whole host of health issues Also discusses in detail how many people have gluten sensitivity but who do not yet have celiac disease as ...

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