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[ EPUB ] ✰ The Cowboys Easter Family Wish  Author Lois Richer – Vejega.info His Unexpected Family After A Heartbreaking Tragedy, Youth Pastor Jesse Parker Stopped Believing He Had Anything To Offer Kids Working With The Boys At Wranglers Ranch, He S Slowly Beginning To Trust Himself And When He Meets Widow Maddie McGregor And Her Young Autistic Son, His Connection With Little Noah And His Pretty Mom Is Instant Maddie S Heart Is As Guarded As His Own, But As He Spends Time With The McGregors Helping Maddie In His Gran S Quilt Shop, Caring For Rescued Puppies, And Bringing Mother And Son Closer Together He Rediscovers His Purposeincluding An Easter Holiday Surprise Of Renewed Faith And Love.

10 thoughts on “The Cowboys Easter Family Wish

  1. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    I did enjoy the read, especially as we get into the characters from the start We meet a widow who was married to an older man, a pastor, who set strict rules for her and their young son However the boy has Asperger s so he takes what he is told literally and is afraid to break the rules he has memorised I thought it was a little too much to ...

  2. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    The Cowboy s Easter Family Wish a Wranglers Ranch series by Lois Richer Jesse Parker is a youth pastor, after a boy dies he blames himself He goes to the town where his grandmother lives He would like to get a job at Wranglers Ranch that works with kids with problems Jesse meets Maddie McGregor and her autistic son, Noah, at the grocery store Noah never talked to strangers but when Jesse

  3. Patty Champion Patty Champion says:

    I really enjoyed this book I liked the fact that there was an autistic child in the book that was not pumped up on medication Maddie is a widow who s husband was a minster that was very strict with rules Jessie is a yo...

  4. Elaine Leonard Elaine Leonard says:

    I loved this story The character s issues were the kind that a lot of women have in this life when you have no confidence in yourself and other people don t give you any compliments or tell you what a great job you are doing

  5. Jovita Reed Jovita Reed says:

    A nice enough story The relationship between hero and heroine was very sweet, as they helped one another to reconnect with God while also falling in love I read romance novels as an escape from real life, though, so t...

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