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PDF ✩ Tara  Author Mahesh Dattani – Vejega.info Tara And Chandan Have Always Been Close They Were, After All, Born As Conjoined Twins But A Horrific Revelation Drives A Wedge Between The Siblings, Plunging Chandan Into A Cycle Of Guilt And Blame From Which He Cannot Escape One Of Mahesh Dattani S Most Popular Works, Tara Was Also One Of The First Indian Plays In English To Highlight The Dangers Of Gender Discrimination, And The Insidious Ways In Which It Operates In Our Society.

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  1. Shriya Shriya says:

    The first thing that I absolutely loved aboutTara is you simply can t keep it down No, you open it, your eyes skim through the setting and before you know, it has grabbed you and thrown you into the beautiful, witty, twisted and painfully sad world of the conjoined twins, Chandan and Tara What starts as a play about two self sufficient siblings, in a famiky where the mo

  2. Ananya Ghosh Ananya Ghosh says:

    It was a good enough read I have realised I don t like dramas much because of the dry language The form just doesn t appeal me, and since I ve never seen one professionally enacted on stage, maybe the aversion isWhatever the reason, had to read this for class, so did The plot is good one, and I loved the non linearity of time The plot revolves around two conjoined twins Tara a

  3. nps nps nps nps says:

    One of the best plays that discuss gender performativity All the characters are highly political It raises too many questions with regard to sexual marginalization, misogyny, power and disability studies Dattani s play is full of life.

  4. Sulagna Ghosh Sulagna Ghosh says:


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