10 thoughts on “Smart Women/Foolish Choices: Finding the Right Men Avoiding the Wrong Ones

  1. Alex Alex says:

    This was a very helpful book I d be embarrassed to be seen reading it in public because of it s corny title, but I would include it in a list called Popular Psychology Books with Dumb Titles That Are Actually Smart, Helpful Books.

  2. Mutantreptile Mutantreptile says:

    My neighbor gave me this book when I was 15 I now realize she must have hated me.

  3. Ellen Ellen says:

    Long ago and far away No review necessary the very fact alone that I read it certainly says something about that time in my life.

  4. Sanela K. Sanela K. says:

    15 knjiga koju sam pro itala ove 2018 godine je knjiga Pametne ene pogre ni izbori Smart women, foolish choices by Connell O Brien Cowan and Melvyn Kinder Pisali su knjigu ne samo kao psiholozi, nego i kao mu karci, sa njihove ta ke gledi ta Knjiga se bavi odnosima izme

  5. Su Su says:

    This is a good book that reminds me of the basics of courting There is nothing in this book that is an earth shattering revelation that I haven t already known It servesas a reminder of what I should be aware of For example this book tells you about 4 basic bad guys to avoid Now

  6. ZaRi ZaRi says:


  7. Shabsough Dua& Shabsough Dua& says:

    Nice and simple , I will recommend it

  8. Jean Marie Angelo Jean Marie Angelo says:

    One upon a time it was the most popular women s self help book.

  9. Maria Calleja Maria Calleja says:

    fun read after a break upmakes you start realizing all the dumbass mistakes women do lol me included not gonna lielol.

  10. Bryn Bryn says:

    Girl, go to the self esteem store and buy you some self esteem.

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