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✼ Skunk Girl  Epub ✿ Author Sheba Karim – Vejega.info PDF Skunk Girl By Sheba Karim Bandcamptomp3.co.uk If Nina Khan Were To Rate Herself On The Unofficial Pakistani Prestige Point System The One She S Sure All The Aunties And Uncles Use To Determine The Most Attractive Marriage Prospects For Their Children Her Scoring Might Go Something Like This 2 Points For Getting Excellent Grades 3 Points For Failing To Live Up To Expectations Set By Genius Older Sister 4 Points For Dutifully Obeying Parents And Never, Ever Going To Parties, No Matter How Antisocial That Makes Her Seem To Everyone At Deer Hook High 1 Point For Harboring Secret Jealousy Of Her Best Friends, Who Are Allowed To Date Like Normal Teenagers 2 Points For Never Drinking An Alcoholic Beverage 10 Points For Obsessing About Asher Richelli, Who Talks To Nina Like She S Not A Freak At All, Even Though He Knows That She Has A Disturbing Line Of Hair Running Down Her BackIn This Wryly Funny Debut Novel, The Smart, Sassy, And Utterly Lovable Nina Khan Tackles Friends, Family, And Love, And Learns That It S Possible To Embrace Two Very Different Cultures Even If Things Can Get A Little Bit, Well, Hairy.

10 thoughts on “Skunk Girl

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Skunk Girl is creative and funny and shows the life of an everyday family in Pakistan The main character was easy to relate to and really witty throughout.

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    This was the kind of book that I sit back and think what on earth was the point of this However, while I was reading it, I enjoyed it It was interesting to read about a different culture, but the main character, Nina, was not a very interesting person I think the thing that bothered me the most was that there was no resolution to her initial problem She just kind of gets over the boy she likes and moves on be

  3. Namratha Namratha says:

    Skunk Girl is the emotional journey of a teenager called Nina.Nina KhanNina lives in small town Deer Hook, population 11,250 In her school, with it s expected coterie of snobbish cheerleaders, handsome jocks and loving but sometimes clueless friends, brown skinned Nina feels like the odd one out.The fact that she is a Pakistani Muslim and comes from a conservative household means that she s often envious of the fre

  4. Warren Warren says:

    Nina Khan wants to experience life Her parents want to protect her from the evils of the world Nina lives in Deer Hook, New York, a small town outside of Albany Her dad is a doctor and her mom runs his office Nina is a junior in high school She is also living in the shadow of her older sister, Sonia, who excelled in high school and now is attending Harvard Oh, did I mention that Nina is Pakistani and Muslim Skunk Girl, w

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    I m actually going to start this review by telling you a little bit about me Just trust me and go with it I read lots of blogs, but I very seldom read through the actual reviews I hate being spoiled and even though most bloggers give adequate spoiler warnings, I d rather be completely surprised when I pick up a book So, you will often hear see me say that I had no idea what a book was about before picking it up I also never go

  6. Jessy Jessy says:

    Look authors, if you re about my age and your book for no apparent reason takes place in the 90s, I m just going to assume you re too lazy to do research on kids today.First YA novel is not an excuse for thinly...

  7. pdbkwm pdbkwm says:

    I first heard about Skunk Girl after a friend of mine posted the cover on Facebook I thought it was funny and wondered if Skunk Girl was about a girl who smells It isn t Instead, this is a book about a hairy Pakistani Muslim.Awesome There are not that many books about Muslims out there, so once I saw this at the library, I wasted no time in picking it up Was it ev...

  8. Abeer Hoque Abeer Hoque says:

    When you read this review, keep in mind that Skunk Girl was written by one of my best friends in the whole world I ve read a lot of Sheba s writing over the years and I love her style which is so breezy and grounded.I started laughing from page 1 of SG, and not just because of the Jolene and SAT antonyms and the fact that we re hearing a story about South Asian immigrant lives Naturally, overbearing traditionalist parents and obsessive academic

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Nina s parents are Pakistani Muslims, while she wants to be an Americanized teenager She s got two girlfriends, both white, and a crush on the new boy Asher Problem is, of course, getting her parents to allow her to do anything that might involve boys, dating, dancing, etc., which of course they won t because they want her to be a good girl Asher appears to like her, thoughThe ending is, I think, supposed to let us know that Nina has somehow made pea

  10. Elisha Hollis Elisha Hollis says:

    Skunk Girl was actually an eye opening book for me It made me realize that my problems are actually really minuscule compared to some I really enjoyed reading it I picked it up just because I had finished my book a few hours before my English class But, I am really glad that I read it It follows the life of Nina Khan, a Pakistani Muslim girl living in the United States It shows what it s like to live a traditional Muslim life while being a teenager in Amer

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