Rocky Mountain Romance PDF/EPUB ☆ Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Romance PDF/EPUB ☆ Rocky Mountain Lesley Ann McDaniel knows how to make romance suspenseful From the beginning of the book the hopelessly hooked couple run into one roadblock after another on a very bumpy ride to each others arms Misunderstandings, bad timing and countless other obstacles keep them from realizing that what they both really want could possibly happen I heartily recommend this well written book You will get caught up in a crazy whirlwind of plot twists and fun You will have a hard time putting this one down. This has been a fun set of books to read We return to Montana with Sheila, Courtney s best friend It s baby time for Courtney and Sheila wants to be there but isn t happy when Courtney s brother Ben is there Misunderstandings have kept them both miserable for the 10 months since Courtney and Adam s wedding But now they are finally able to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it SHEILA McINTOSH IS HEAD OVER HEELS FOR BEN JACOBS But they haven t spoken since his sister Courtney s wedding last summer Now that they re back together again on Courtney s Montana ranch, Sheila s wondering if she only imagined that Ben cared for her and their time together was just a beautiful dream Ben s crazy about Sheila, but he s too shy to tell her, and he s praying for another chance to win her affections Can this sweet computer expert overcome his shyness and show her that sometimes dreams really do come true

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