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[PDF] ✓ Reach!  ✫ Laila Ali – Vejega.info With An Undefeated 100 Boxing Record, Laila Ali Can Definitely Hold Her Own In The Ring She Has Received A Firestorm Of Media Coverage, And Her Recent Bout With Jacqui Frazier Was The Most Highly Publicized Female Boxing Fight Ever Now, She Offers Her Formula For Physical, Emotional, And Mental Power In A Motivational Memoir That Delivers 15 Rounds Of Straight Talking, Hard Hitting Advice She Reveals How She Overcame Child Abuse, Weight Issues, Isolation, And Overall Bad Behavior By Tenaciously Developing A Talent That She Enjoyedprofessional Boxing She Demonstrates How To Sidestep Feelings Of Self Pity And Defeatism And Achieve Success In All Arenas Diet, Family, Personal Relationships, Physical Training, And Combining Spiritual Inspiration With Practical Guidance, Laila Alis Program Will Show Readers Of All Ages And Backgrounds How To Transform The Demons Of Self Doubt Into Positive, Winning Energy.

10 thoughts on “Reach!

  1. Sara Watson Sara Watson says:

    This book was a lotinteresting then I thought it was going to be I had no idea about the struggles of Laila Ali I envy her for her confidence and her boxing career I love how real she is in this book I expected a littledishonesty in order to protect her fathers name There ar...

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    a good summer read for teenage young ladies.

  3. Lesley Lesley says:

    Have to say, didn t really care for this book I d be interested to read it if it were written by Ms Ali now, as opposed to when she was only 23 I was disappointed that the vast majority of the book focused on her childhood As a pioneer in women s boxing, I was hoping there would becoverage and emphasis on her training, career, etc I mean, of course, people would expect her to at the very least touch on her childhood,

  4. Mediaman Mediaman says:

    There s nothing inspirational in this book Ali defensively goes through her rough childhood and teen years for most of the pages, then rushes through her boxing career to end her story in 2002 The updated version adds three pages that summarize 2002 to 2017 So the book is incredibly incomplete and despite what the title claims, there is little strength to be found here Ali comes across as a thug, a bully, and a woman who

  5. Annie Oosterwyk Annie Oosterwyk says:

    I ve never been a boxing fan, but when a 9th grade non reader said she liked boxing, I looked around for something appropriate This was a pretty good read Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammed Ali, so of cou...

  6. Misshaq Misshaq says:

    I read this book in a day Whenever I would see Laila speak to the media I was always moved by her honesty, assertion and positivity So when I saw this book I picked it up and couldn t wait to reach it In Reach, Laila talks about her childhood, her parents and the obstacles she overcame I was inspired by her honesty, I think alot of people will be able to relate to her because she doesn t present the picture perfect youth She h

  7. Tanisha Williams Tanisha Williams says:

    I loved this book Although it started off extremely slow I could still relate to a lot of things she s experienced in her child hood She spoke about a lot and mentioned things in her book that she hasn t mentioned before If my book was a movie...

  8. Zafirah Muhammad Zafirah Muhammad says:

    Love Muhammad Ali So that s why I read this Laila is a beautiful strong woman Growing up with famous parents cannot be easy But she came out the other side with grace and style You go little sister good book

  9. Hillary Hillary says:

    Although this book is no literary masterpiece, it is an honest, heart felt fast read If I wasn t reading for work, I probably would never have picked it up but I m glad I did It is both insightful and interesting.

  10. Tisha Tisha says:

    Good Read It s about setting personal goals and reaching them no matter what I read it several times

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