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[PDF] ↠ Rapturous (Quantum, #4)  Author M.S. Force – Vejega.info The Story Begun In The Initial Quantum Trilogy Picks Up On Oscar Night After Academy Award Winning Director Hayden Roth Kisses The Woman He Desires Above All Others, Even Though He Knows She Can Never Be His Addison York Craves Her Boss S Best Friend, Hayden, But He Has Never Given Her An Ounce Of Encouragement Until Tonight When He Kissed Her After Winning The Oscar Was That Kiss The Start Of Something Or Another In A Long Line Of Frustrations Where Hayden Is Concerned Something Is Keeping Him From Acting On The Attraction That Simmers Between Them, And Addie Is Determined To Find Out What It Is But When She Stumbles Upon The Secret That Hayden, Flynn And Her Other Close Friends Have Kept From Her, Will She Allow Hurt Feelings To Get In The Way Of True Love When Hayden Won T Share His BDSM Lifestyle With Her, Addie Decides To Conduct Her Own Research Will She Be Intrigued Or Repulsed And What Will Hayden Do When He Finds Out How She S Been Spending Her Evenings

10 thoughts on “Rapturous (Quantum, #4)

  1. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ says:

    3.75 StarsRapturouswas another great installment in M.S Force s erotic seriesQuantumand like its predecessors it was a fantastic blend of sweetness and sexiness mixed with some very sexy BDSM elements While the three previous books tell the story of Flynn and Natalie, this installment features a

  2. AJ AJ says:

    4 starsThis is the fourth book in the Quantum series, and could probably be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading it in order to fully appreciate the characters and their relationships While the first three books focussed on one couple Flynn and Natalie this book brings us the story Flynn s Dire

  3. Anne OK Anne OK says:

    Beta Reader Whew Starting the new year off with a blast of heat, Marie Force adds the fourth installment to the Quantum Series to keep the fires burning Man oh man Hayden is muchthan I expected and may ha...

  4. Rohina Rohina says:

    ARC gifted by author in exchange for an honest review4.5 Rapturous Stars FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I didn t want it until I had it, and now it s all I want She is all I wantI LOVED the first three books in the Quantum Series and I seriously believed that Flynn and Natalie were the ultimate couple You know, the ones that y

  5. Ann Ann says:

    Mixed review and a big ole rant ahead Did I like the romance between the intense, broody Hayden and devoted Addie, you bet Did I care for the BDSM aspect Hell NO So therein lays the conflict I m so tired of BDSM stories, had my fill with Fifty and am so tired of all my favorite authors deciding to jump on this bandwagon It pis

  6. Cyn Mistress Kitty Cyn Mistress Kitty says:

    I thought I would like this story however, I did not Hayden was an ass in the previous books and he was in this one too as well as wishy washy which bugged me to no end Yes, I realize he had a fucked up childhood but jeez, get a set of balls And Addie Hmmm, for such an organized, together person, she was just too stupid Really, you re

  7. Nani Nani says:

    Le pondr a much simas m s estrellas.No pod a estar sin leerme este libro, por lo que lo cog con muchas ganas despu s de leerte el final del anterior aviso, esta autora le gusta cerrar los libros dej ndote la boca abierta y pensando WTF Voy a hacer una escritura con las mayores tonter as que se escriban a cerca de un libro, solo aviso.ODIO LOS

  8. Becky Frosco Becky Frosco says:

    4.5 stars

  9. Erin Lewis Erin Lewis says:

    5 Star Review of Rapturous Quantum 4 by M.S Force This is book 4 in the hugely successful Quantum series and is the story of Hayden Roth and Addison York We were introduced to these characters in the very first book in the series and although I loved Addie from the first, I can t say the same for Hayden Initially he was a jerk, and I wasn t fond of him Altho

  10. Heather Heather says:

    Wow What an amazing way to kick off a year of reading I absolutely loved this book When Hayden Roth was first introduced to us in the first three books of the Quantum series, I wasn t really sure what I was going to think of him I knew he had deep seeded issues and that deep down he was probably a good guy, but I just wasn t sure he was going to ever be the man that

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