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[PDF] ✈ My Boyhood Days  ⚣ Rabindranath Tagore – Vejega.info PDF Epub My Boyhood Days Rabindranath Tagore Tanitiyor.us My Boyhood Days Chhelebela, 1940 Is Tagore S Second Memoir Of His Childhood Days, Written When He Was Nearing Eighty He Describes, Without A Trace Of Self Pity, The Spartan Life He Had To Lead Under His Father S Instruction The Sense Of Wonder And Delight In The Seemingly Commonplace Experiences Of Boyhood Helped Him Become A Great Poet.

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    This reminiscence by Tagore of his boyhood days when Calcutta was an emerging metropolis and capital of British India takes us to a Calcutta whose streets used to be lit up by gas lamps, where horse carriages took the elite around, which housed dreams of better lives for those on the outskirts Both is Bengali and in English, Tagore s writing charac

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    Tepat seperti judulnya, Tagore menumpahkan kesan kesan masa kecil yang tertanam erat di benak dalam halaman halaman buku ini Tanpa alur cerita, tanpa dialog, tanpa protagonis dan antagonis Hanya kesan dan ingatan Khayalan khayalan masa bocahnya yang telah melambung tinggi, pelajaran dan guru gurunya, kehidupan bersama keluarganya, juga kenangan kenangan s

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    Tagore s reminiscence of his early childhood days really comes to picture in this book He has savored various instances of his boyhood like schooling, life with his family, his imaginative play and manyduring his reminiscence As he himself describes, the way of the world has entirely changed from those times, in his real time the people not even had the time to

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    The autobiographic account of childhood of one of the most celebrated poets of our times The poetic instinct and lyrical flow is evident in the entire reading A short book to read and preserve.

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    Easy and quick read This book deals with Rabindranath Tagore s life till 17th year before going to England for studies.

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