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[KINDLE] ❂ Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny Author Edward J. Watts – Vejega.info A New History Of The Roman Republic And Its Collapse In Mortal Republic, Prizewinning Historian Edward J Watts Offers A New History Of The Fall Of The Roman Republic That Explains Why Rome Exchanged Freedom For Autocracy For Centuries, Even As Rome Grew Into The Mediterranean S Premier Military And Political Power, Its Governing Institutions, Parliamentary Rules, And Political Customs Successfully Fostered Negotiation And Compromise By The S BC, However, Rome S Leaders Increasingly Used These Same Tools To Cynically Pursue Individual Gain And Obstruct Their Opponents As The Center Decayed And Dysfunction Grew, Arguments Between Politicians Gave Way To Political Violence In The Streets The Stage Was Set For Destructive Civil Wars And Ultimately The Imperial Reign Of Augustus The Death Of Rome S Republic Was Not Inevitable In Mortal Republic, Watts Shows It Died Because It Was Allowed To, From Thousands Of Small Wounds Inflicted By Romans Who Assumed That It Would Last Forever

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  1. Sumit RK Sumit RK says:

    No Republic is eternal It lives only as long as its citizens want itIn Mortal Republic, historian Edward J Watts offers a new history of the fall of the Roman Republic that explains the collapse of democracy in the Republic and the rise of an autocratic Roman Empire At its peak, Rome was the world s only democr

  2. Faith Faith says:

    This is an interesting overview of the history of the Roman republic It might be useful for a high school or college class However, given the length of the period covered, and the brevity of the book, there is a lot of detail omitted The introduction to the book led me to believe that there would be some comparisons dra

  3. Arybo ✨ Arybo ✨ says:

    The past is no Oracle and historians are not prophets, but this does not mean that it is wrong to look to antiquity for help understanding the present This was intense No republic is eternal It lives only as long as its citizens want it As soon as I finished the book I thought it would be a labor of Hercules to make a comprehen

  4. Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin says:

    The founders of the US had the Roman Republic present in their minds as they were constructing the US republic Many of the institutions created outside of the English common law were modeled on political ideals inspired by earlier republics Rome being the most important example of the ancient world was the most important model To keep fr

  5. Karl Karl says:

    I have this scene playing in my head of some book publisher checking his Twitter in 2018 and declaring Books about the fall of republics are hot right now Get me a Roman historian This book promises an analysis and description of the violent end of the Roman Republic, an always worthy and interesting subject My complaint then is that the author p

  6. Marks54 Marks54 says:

    There is an often repeated saying attributed to Mark Twain but probably apocryphal that history doesn t repeat itself but it does rhyme or something like that The author is a senior history professor at Cal San Diego who has written an account of the death of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire with the death of Julius Caesar and the rise

  7. raffaela raffaela says:

    Another of WORLD s recommendations Watts gives a succinct, well paced play by play of how the Roman Republic gradually deteriorated as power hungry men, made wealthy by Rome s conquests, stretched the bounds of the law for their personal benefit Eventually, the frayed Republic came to be at the mercy of such men, and the civil wars fought in the 100s BC werea ques

  8. Mark Mark says:

    This is a interesting book one with a very relevant message.

  9. David David says:

    Available as a 10.5 hour audio download If possible, get the version with an accompanying.pdf which has helpful maps and pictures.The republic did not need to die A republic is not an organism It has no natural life span It lives or dies soley on the basis of choices made by those in charge of its custody.The audiobook has an especially touching and dramatic few minutes, including

  10. Shoshana Shoshana says:

    What a fascinating and timely book this is This is the history of how the Roman Republic transmuted into an autocracy going from an austere, honor driven, consensus based society to an unimaginably wealthy oligarchy which rested on the shoulders of one man Well written and beautifully flowing, this is a hard book to put down.Watts describes the early Republic, with its interlocking system o

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