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!!> Reading ➸ Momzillas  ➰ Author Jill Kargman – Vejega.info A Hilarious And Deliciously Scathing Send Up Of Motherhood As Practiced In The Upper Echelons Of Manhattan Society, From The Coauthor Of The Right Address And Wolves In Chic Clothing.The Mothers On Manhattan S Chic Upper East Side Are Highly Educated, Extremely Wealthy, And Very Competitive They Throw Themselves And All Of Their Energy And Resources Into Full Time Child Rearing, Turning Their Kids Into The Unwitting Pawns In A Game Where Success Is Measured In Precocious Achievements, Jam Packed Schedules, And Elite Private School Pedigrees.Hannah Allen Has Recently Moved To The Neighborhood With Her New York City Bred Investment Banker Husband And Their Two Year Old Daughter, Violet She S Immediately Inundated By An Outpouring Of Advice From Her Not So Well Intentioned New Friends And Her Overbearing, Socially Conscious Mother In Law, Who Coach Her On Matters Ranging From Where To Buy The Must Have 300 Baby Dress To How To Get Into The Only Pre Pre Preschool That Counts Despite Her Better Instincts And Common Sense, Hannah Soon Finds Herself Caught Up In The Competitive Whirl Of High Stakes Mothering.

10 thoughts on “Momzillas

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    I just bailed on page 16 due to the use of the word unfortch As you know, there are clearly NO extenuating circumstances circs that excuse diction dictch like that I d also like you to know that, before I e

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    I thought this book would be a witty take on wealthy Manhattan moms and all their uber materialistic ways, but it ended up taking itself way too seriously, and wasn t funny at all Do yourself a favor and don t read t

  3. Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Kim-Lost-In-A-Book says:

    The writing is awful, the made up words are terrible Seriously, who talks like that Although after reading the acknowledgements, I guess the author does Bad editing, too many typos to count and that didn t include the words th

  4. Kaia Kaia says:

    The tone of this book is fantastic I adore the show Odd Mom Out, which is based on this book It pointed out a lot of issues that all of us struggle with feeling accepted, having a friend group, knowing who we are, going through periods

  5. Niki D. Niki D. says:

    A cutesy quick, light hearted read As a soon to be first time mommy, it s becoming fun to read books from a young mom s point of view.

  6. Melanie McCluskey Melanie McCluskey says:

    Imagine Gossip Girl grew up, Miranda Hobbes became a stay at home mom, and Juno kept her baby Mix these characters worlds together and you re hanging out with Hannah Allen, the sympathetic heroine of Momzillas.Add the slick, stylized tone of chick lit clas

  7. Csutton624 Csutton624 says:

    This book was very funny in the intro the mommy definitions I did laugh out loud at many of them And the entire book was very chick lit.but it got to be a bit annoying and some of her lingo was trying to hard The main character, Hannah, was great at first, but then

  8. Mirjam Mirjam says:

    hmmmmmrich, educated white chick is moved by her hedge fund husband from Berkeley to New York, where she tries to fit in with a group of women who are similarly educated but richer and whiter Hilarity, unfortunately, does not ensue But there is plenty of whining about how pri

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed this, which I was skeptical about when reading some of the reviews I actually listened to it on CD to and from work, which was a great way to do it, because some of the snarky little comments and cliffhangers really made the time fly There are a lot of quirky little sayings n

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Occasionally amusing but not great The story didn t really go anywhere, and the character seemed a little naive The end wrapped up in record time it was like the author thought, Ok, this book is __ pages now, so I d better end this thing What should I do How about this and this and this Ki...

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