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[PDF] Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves By Frans de Waal – Vejega.info Mama S Last Hug Is A Fascinating Exploration Of The Rich Emotional Lives Of Animals Beginning With Mama, A Chimpanzee Matriarch Who Formed A Deep Bond With Biologist Jan Van Hooff Her Story And Others Like It Show That Humans Are Not The Only Species With The Capacity For Love, Hate, Fear, Shame, Guilt, Joy, Disgust, And Empathy, And Open Our Hearts And Minds To The Many Ways In Which Humans And Other Animals Are Connected Through Colorful Stories And Riveting Prose, De Waal Firmly Puts To Rest The Stubborn Notion That Humans Alone In The Animal Kingdom Experience A Broad Array Of Emotions Barbara J King, NPR De Waal S Eye Opening Observations Argue For Better Treatment And Greater Appreciation Of Animals, Even As He Ensures That You Ll Never Look At Them Or Yourself The Same Way Again People

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  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    As a student, realizing that my biology books were of little help explaining chimpanzee behavior, I picked up a copy of Machiavelli s The Prince It offered an insightful, unadorned account of human behavior based on real life observations of the Borgias, the Medici, and the popes The book put me in the right frame of mind to write about ape politics a

  2. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    It s interesting, if one gets a score of over 90 percent or even, let s just say, hm 98,8 percent, the person would say that this is close to absolute No matter if it is a test, a comparison or whatever But as soon as it goes like You know, those missing 1,2 percent are the difference between you and a sh trhowing chimpanzee, the person goes like WTF and so o

  3. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Animal emotions Human emotions Can they, in any way share commanalties The author makes a convincing and illuminating arguement, that yes they can, and they can also tell us much about ourselves He shares the relationship between various chimp behaviors, the emotions they have and how they are shown in various situations While most of the book cover this group, their

  4. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    Two or three stars which represents best how I react to this book Is the book good or is it OK As a whole, it feelsOK than good so two stars it will be I will explain why I react in this way.I have trouble with how the book is told, and I am not referring in any way to the narration of the audiobook It is not the central content concerning animals emotions that is the stumbl

  5. Arianna Arianna says:

    Frans de Waal s latest book, Mama s Last Hug Animal and Human Emotions, is a survey of various emotions what they are, when they arise, and how they are identified in both animals and humans Each chapter covers a different set of emotions or concepts related to them, such as emotional intelligence and sentience, described with a plentiful assortment of de Waal s firsthand anecdotes

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    Frans DeWaal is a primatologist who has studied animal emotions for decades This fascinating book explores the rich emotional lives of animals Relating observations and laboratory experiments we are told of emotions found not only in primates, but rats, moles, and fish Due to a lack of language in these groups at least a language humans understand , science has been skeptical about the exis

  7. Kusaimamekirai Kusaimamekirai says:

    I recently went to the zoo at the behest of a friend of mine I hadn t been to a proper zoo since I was a child and was reminded why I hadn t been in such a long time Animals in small enclosures, appearing listless with nothing to stimulate them, was for me the opposite of entertaining It was profoundly moving but not perhaps in the sense that my acquaintance might have wished Particularly disturbin

  8. Katie Long Katie Long says:

    An engaging examination of primate emotions though, de Waal carefully distinguishes these from feelings and social constructs and what they teach us about human emotions and interactions Every now and then it seems his analogies oversimplify human reactions ex he compared Bonobo female reproductive jealousy to the majority of women who chose Obama over the McCain Palin ticket, which of course disregards th

  9. Rossdavidh Rossdavidh says:

    Frans de Waal is one of that generation of biologists who, when starting in their field, had to struggle with an intellectual climateor less opposed on principle to thinking about the inner lives or emotions of animals Like Jane Goodall who violated norms by naming, rather than numbering, the chimpanzees she was observing , he was somewhat of a revolutionary for advocating the patently obvious position that humans

  10. ⋟Kimari⋞ ⋟Kimari⋞ says:

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