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!!> Reading ➼ La Tresse ➵ Author Laetitia Colombani – Vejega.info Smita, Julia, Sarah Trois Femmes, Trois Vies, Trois Continents Trois Chemins Que Rien Ne Destine Se Croiser Trois Histoires Pourtant Li EsInde Smita Est Une Intouchable Mari E Un Chasseur De Rats, Elle Nettoie A Mains Nues Les Latrines De Son Village, Comme Le Faisait Sa M Re Son R Ve Voir Sa Fille Chapper La Tradition Et Apprendre Lire Lorsque Cet Espoir Est An Anti, Elle D Cide De Fuir Avec L Enfant, Malgr Les Mises En Garde De Son MariSicile Julia Est Ouvri Re Dans L Atelier De Traitement De Cheveux De Son P Re, Le Dernier Du Genre A Palerme Elle Trie, Lave, D Colore Et Teint Des M Ches Fournies Par Les Coiffeurs De La Ville Lorsque Son P Re Est Victime D Un Grave Accident, Elle D Couvre Que L Atelier Familial Est RuinCanada Sarah Est Une Avocate R Put E M Re De Trois Enfants, Deux Fois Divorc E, Elle Enchaine Les Dossiers Un Rythme Effr N En Passe D Tre Promue Associ E, Elle Apprend Qu Elle Est Atteinte D Un Cancer Du Sein Sa Vie En Apparence Parfaite Commence Se FissurerOn Dit Parfois Que La Vie Ne Tient Qu Un Fil Et Si La Leur Tenait Leur Chevelure Trois Destins De Femmes Que Tout Loigne Sauf L Essentiel Leur Exigence De Libert

10 thoughts on “La Tresse

  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Just finished under the wire for my women in translation book Three women, three very different countries and life circumstances Smita, in India is of the lowest caste, the untouchables, women who make their living by cleaning, with their hands, the excrement of others Guilia, in Italy, the oldest daughter of a man who takes the hair o

  2. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    Full review is up on my blog This is a story about three women Smita, Giulia And Sarah They are from different countries, different cultures, different classes but all three are experiencing hard times and have difficult decisions to make Find Me Ko Fi Blog Instagram Twitter Full review is up on my blog This is a story about three women

  3. Ellinor Ellinor says:

    The stories of three women are beautifully interwoven in this novel They are told separately and only losely touch each other at the very end, just like in a real plait The book is a quick and easy read and left me satisfied somehow But it is just a little too trivial for my liking and also a bit overhyped the author is a movie director

  4. Isidora Isidora says:

    Maybe this is a good screenplay the author is screenwriter after all, which you can guess by her style , but as a novel it isn t impressive On the other hand, it kept me turning the pages, so it can t be completely bad.

  5. Esil Esil says:

    3.49 starsI feel like I could write two very different reviews of The Braid.Version 1 The Braid is a very readable short novel that had me fully engaged from beginning to end There are three strands to the story which appear to be completely separate but come together in the end like a braid, of course The first strand focuses on Samsi who

  6. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Goodness, what a dreadful book The kind of novel where you know exactly what is going to happen in the next pages It is a prectictable story with absolutely no subtlety and a huge amount of good feelings The 3 main caracters are pure stereotypes of themselves I do not understand the success of La Tresse.

  7. Renard Books Renard Books says:

    Full disclosure, I just finished it because it only had a few pages and I had to practice my French.This book was horrible It took me a month to finish it although it only has 230 pages It is tremendously boring and flat The three women protagonists had no importance for me, I did not feel any empathy because I never felt that the characters

  8. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Many thanks to NetGalley and Simon Schuster Canada for an advance copy of this book which has been an international bestseller It fits into the classification of Women s literature It explores the lives and situations of three very different women, widely separated by social class, work, traditions, culture and geography Smita is a young Dali

  9. Claire Claire says:

    Three women living completely different lives in three different countries, each facing a monumental change, each determined to confront that change in their own way, once they overcome the obstacle that stands in their way, and the discrimination that exists in their society, that causes some not to support their efforts.It s written in simpl

  10. Susan Stuber Susan Stuber says:

    A rather strange book really The three women involved all have predicaments they need to get out of, and each of these could have been developed into an interesting story As it is, it is the predicaments themselves that do the carrying here and which have the most interest The solutions seem to arrive from the heavens like a flash of lightening

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