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➳ Interior Castle  Read ➻ Author Teresa of Ávila – Vejega.info PDF Epub Interior Castle Author Teresa Of Vila Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Cornerstone Book On Mystical Theology, Interior Castle Describes The Seven Stages Of Union With God Using Everyday Language To Explain Difficult Theological Concepts, Teresa Of Avila Compares The Contemplative Life To A Castle With Seven Chambers Tracing The Passage Of The Soul Through Each Successive Chamber, She Draws A Powerful Picture Of The Path Toward Spiritual Perfection It Is The Most Sublime And Mature Of Teresa S Works, Offering Profound And Inspiring Reflections On Such Subjects As Self Knowledge, Humility, Detachment, And Suffering.One Of The Most Celebrated Works On Mystical Theology In Existence, As Timely Today As When St Teresa Of Avila Wrote It Centuries Ago, This Is A Treasury Of Unforgettable Maxims On Self Knowledge And Fulfillment.

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  1. Roy Lotz Roy Lotz says:

    It is absurd to think that we can enter Heaven without first entering our own souls Last week I spend five days walking on the Camino de Santiago I know, probably that doesn t sound terribly impressive to anyone who walked all the way from France, but I still had a great time Every morning we set out before sunrise, when the lush landscape of Galicia was still shrouded in mist and twilight We walked on and on, guided by the conch shell sig

  2. Karen Locklear Karen Locklear says:

    Update I am blogging about this book Here is the blog address if interested of all, don t read this book straight through and expect to get meaning from it This is not one of those books This is a book that needs to be experienced There is so much to it, I can t even begin to explain well enough to give it credit Meditation and pondering are definetely required I have 78 pages left I intend to finish it tonight Then in the morning I ve deci...

  3. Darius Murretti Darius Murretti says:

    Interior caslte reviewThe vast majority who try fall by the wayside but St Theresa Terry succeeded in opening her inner eye and entering the straight and narrow gate to the Father s house during her life time, entering the wedding chamber and marrying the Kings of the infinite Why did Terry succeed where almost all others failed 1 Terry had a conviction Either we are the brides of this great King or we are not So what are we waiting for 2 Terry relied

  4. Walter Walter says:

    In the study of the various aspects of Catholic theology, sometimes we forget that the whole religion thing is really about one thing loving God and loving each other In this classic work, St Theresa of Avila brings us back to these simple truths In her eyes, the spiritual life, which is the love of God in one s own life, is like a castle with seven mansions , or levels In the outer mansions are the things that keep us from God and from love, namely selfishn

  5. Diane Diane says:

    This is a book about prayer written by Saint Teresa of Avila, a 16th century Carmelite nun, mystic and doctor of the Church In this book, she presents a model of the human soul as a castle cut from a single diamond This castle is divided into seven groups of mansions, beginning at the outer gate and moving inward toward the center We enter the castle whenever we pray, for the gate to the outermost mansion is prayer Those who never pray remain in a courtyard outsid

  6. Jean Jean says:

    Although St Teresa was a 16th century nun, she was as busy as the rest of us when encouraged by her spiritual director to write this book for her nuns I read it as part of a Sunday school class, and I found myself cracking up at how Mirabai Starr captures her One minute she is fervently advocating for humility and self expression and prayer and the next she s literally writing I don t where I was Between opening and managing some 15 orCarmelite convents, dodging the sus

  7. Stef Stef says:

    I ve been reading this start stop skip around fashion since 2012 this time i read it from cover to cover and every reading seemed to be planned by God to come at the right time, just when i needed to read something in particular Thank You, Lord.

  8. julieta julieta says:

    Llegu a este libro desde una curiosidad puramente literaria Y me gusta la figura de Santa Teresa, o m s bien, me gusta y me da curiosidad conocer m s sobre ella Pero este libro me caus m s angustia que cualquier otra cosa Nunca hab a le do a una m stica, por lo cual no ten a idea de lo que encontrar a, pero me caus antes que nada como incomodidad Quiz s es que fui a una escuela de monjas durante toda la primaria, o que mis pap s me forzaban a ir a la iglesia, como algo necesario y

  9. Bogdan Liviu Bogdan Liviu says:

    I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time Friedrich Nietzsche O c l torie a sufletului prin cele apte Locuin e ale Castelului interior De men ionat c aceast oper a fost scris pentru surorile de acolo care aveau dubii cu privire la rug ciune Eu ncepusem s citesc cartea sper nd c voi g si aici nt mpl ri din via a sfintei Tereza Ce am g sit, n schimb, a fost un agasant ndemn n a l l uda pe Dumnezeu de parc ar fi un dictator La asta se adaug , fire t I cannot believe in

  10. Anna O.P. Anna O.P. says:

    I don t know which one isunfair leaving this book with 5 stars but with no review, or writing a review which can never ever do it justice, however hard I strive to The Interior Castle is a spiritual classics it has been read and enjoyed by millions, and in turn I m sure it has made many saints So nothing I write can ever truly describe how awesome this book is What I can say is this it s ironic that I only discovered this book very recently, at the order of my spiritual director Iron I don t k

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