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[Epub] ➛ How Few Remain ➜ Harry Turtledove – Vejega.info From The Master Of Alternate History Comes An Epic Of The Second Civil War It Was An Epoch Of Glory And Success, Of Disaster And Despair A Generation After The South Won The Civil War, America Writhed Once In The Bloody Throes Of Battle Furious Over The Annexation Of Key Mexican Territory, The United States Declared Total War Against The Confederate States Of America Once Again But This Was A New Kind Of War, Fought On A Lawless Frontier Where The Blue And Gray Battled Not Only Each Other But The Apache, The Outlaw, The French, And The English As Confederate General Stonewall Jackson Again Demonstrated His Military Expertise, The North Struggled To Find A Leader Who Could Prove His Equal In The Second War Between The States, The Times, The Stakes, And The Battle Lines Had Changed And So Would History

10 thoughts on “How Few Remain

  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    1.5 stars Pretty well written, but DRY as a desert Great setting for the future novels but this book was a SLOG, SLOG, SLOG to get through I will probably read the next book in the series at some point because I love the premise and I am obviously a glutton for punishment but I did not really like this one Nominee Nebula Award fo

  2. Sud666 Sud666 says:

    Harry Turtledove specializes in writing Counter Factuals , an overly pretentious term for alternative history In How Few Remain we are treated to a very different world in which the Confederacy didn t lose the Civil War.A bit of an explanation is required The book starts in Fredrick, Maryland in 1862 Soldiers from the Army of Norther

  3. Nate Nate says:

    RE READ REVIEW I m not sure what motivated me to read this one again As you can see by my review below, I was bored to tears by it the first time around I guess I just had a nagging feeling I didn t approach it correctly or expected something different Not hurting matters is the fact that I already bought the second book in the series an

  4. Jessika Jessika says:

    I consider myself a Civil War history nut One of the things that has always fascinated me is the fact that there are SO many what ifs So many things happened, as if by chance, that if they wouldn t have occurred the way they did, the entire war might have ended differently What if Lost Order No 191 was never lost and What if Stonewall Jackso

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book really made me think I d read one of his other novels, Guns of the South, in which time travellers bring the AK 47 to the Confederacy, allowing them to win the Civil War.This novel was quite different It starts with a simple premise what if Lee s orders hadn t been lost and recovered by the North In Turtledove s eyes, it allowed the So

  6. Chen-song Qin Chen-song Qin says:

    This is the first book in Harry Turtledove s alternate history TL 191 Timeline 191 series, which consists of this stand alone volume, plus two further trilogies, the American Front series and the American Empire series.The premise is that Special Order 191 thus TL 191 by General Robert Lee was not lost as in actual history, but was put into action a

  7. Ronnica Z. Ronnica Z. says:

    At first I was disappointed that the book focused almost exclusively on historical people, because I was interested in imagining what life would be like for the common person if the South had won the Civil War But I soon realized that the people who were made famous in our history weren t necessarily rising to fame in this alternative history Where woul

  8. Jon Jon says:

    I recently started listening to books on CD in my car The second one I worked through is How Few Remain, which is an alternate history novel based on the assumption that the South won the Civil War First of all, I have a problem with the plausibility of the premise I don t think one minor event as in the book could have changed the course of the war I think

  9. Brian Eshleman Brian Eshleman says:

    The variety of historical figures he uses in order to fully portray this alternative era and the authenticity of their voices are both compelling The author s decision not to continue it as a direct sequel to Guns of the South is a little jarring at first, but in this new beginning he lays of a lot of interesting characters.

  10. Clay Davis Clay Davis says:

    An interesting story about a world war between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America Probably the best in the series

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