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[ Reading ] ➸ Hope Never Dies  Author Andrew Shaffer – Vejega.info This Mystery Thriller Reunites Vice President Joe Biden And President Barack Obama For A Political Mashup Full Of Suspense, Intrigue, And Laugh Out Loud Bromance.Vice President Joe Biden Is Fresh Out Of The Obama White House And Feeling Adrift When His Favorite Railroad Conductor Dies In A Suspicious Accident, Leaving Behind An Ailing Wife And A Trail Of Clues To Unravel The Mystery, Amtrak Joe Re Teams With The Only Man He S Ever Fully Trusted The 44th President Of The United States Together They Ll Plumb The Darkest Corners Of Delaware, Traveling From Cheap Motels To Biker Bars And Beyond, As They Uncover The Sinister Forces Advancing America S Opioid Epidemic.Part Noir Thriller And Part Bromance Novel, Hope Never Dies Is Essentially The First Published Work Of Obama Biden Fanfiction And A Cathartic Read For Anyone Distressed By The Current State Of Affairs.

10 thoughts on “Hope Never Dies

  1. Catherine ♡ Catherine ♡ says:

    Why is this the best and most hilarious thing I ve ever seen in my life

  2. Brandon Brandon says:

    The 2016 Presidential Election has ended Former Vice President Joe Biden doesn t quite know what to do with himself As he watches his former boss Barack Obama vacationing with the likes of Richard Branson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tru

  3. Edita Edita says:

    Y all.Wut.This is campy as hell, no doubt about that Containing some amazing moments such as slight spoilers view spoiler An intense fight on a trainObama on a unicornA very dramatic GET DOWN, MISTER PRESIDENT The former POTUS wielding a sawed off sh

  4. Leigh Kramer Leigh Kramer says:


  5. Leah Blackwell Leah Blackwell says:

    I don t even know where to start on how happy this book made me From the minute I saw the cover pop up on a friend s goodreads shelf it has done nothing but make me laugh I even drew some fan art not even ...

  6. Betsy Betsy says:

    You know at first I wasn t going to read this but let s be real, after however long we ve been living in this ungodly hell of the Trump adminstration it can t be just a year, it feels TOO LONG I m obviously going to read this.

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    OMG This could be terrible or it could be glorious fun, but I absolutely must read it and find out

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    3.5, it might not be great literature but this will be the feel good read of the summer It s like all those meme you love come to life.

  9. Maine Colonial Maine Colonial says:

    Thanks to the publisher for providing a free review copy.When I saw the cover of this book, it cracked me up and I just had to read it It s a lightweight and quick read, but I was surprised to find that as mysteries go, it s not bad But the main appeal is that it s told from the point of view of Joe Biden I d

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