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[Read] ➯ Greenwood Author Michael Christie – Vejega.info It S And Jake Greenwood Is A Storyteller And A Liar, An Overqualified Tour Guide Babysitting Ultra Rich Vacationers In One Of The World S Last Remaining Forests It S And Liam Greenwood Is A Carpenter, Fallen From A Ladder And Sprawled On His Broken Back, Calling Out From The Concrete Floor Of An Empty Mansion It S And Willow Greenwood Is Out Of Jail, Free After Being Locked Up For One Of Her Endless Series Of Environmental Protests Attempts At Atonement For The Sins Of Her Father S Once Vast And Violent Timber Empire It S And Everett Greenwood Is Alone, As Usual, In His Maple Syrup Camp Squat When He Hears The Cries Of An Abandoned Infant And Gets Tangled Up In The Web Of A Crime That Will Cling To His Family For Decades And Throughout, There Are Trees Thrumming A Steady, Silent Pulse Beneath Christie S Effortless Sentences And Working As A Guiding Metaphor For Withering, Weathering, And Survival A Shining, Intricate Clockwork Of A Novel, Greenwood Is A Rain Soaked And Sun Dappled Story Of The Bonds And Breaking Points Of Money And Love, Wood And Blood And The Hopeful, Impossible Task Of Growing Toward The Light

10 thoughts on “Greenwood

  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This is an outstanding multi generational family saga It covers four generations of the Greenwood family The characters are complex and fully developed The setting is mainly on an island off the coast of B.C, with towering Douglas Fir trees growing amidst thick rainforests The story also shifts to other areas of Canada Like the trees dominating the story, always in the backgroun

  2. Tammy Tammy says:

    The roots, rings, stretching branches, and changing leaves of trees represent the lives of a family connected to timber over time Beginning in the not too distant future an island serves as a tree museum as this history of a family unfurls backwards and finally returns forward A Canadian island provides sanctuary, refuge, a means of profit as well as contention and is the focal p

  3. Tara Rock Tara Rock says:

    There have been many fine reviews of this novel, but I don t possess the words that would adequately convey its brilliance It has been referred to as a Masterpiece, and I would wholeheartedly agree Very highly recommended.

  4. Krista Krista says:

    From the world s dust choked cities they venture to this exclusive arboreal resort a remote forested island off the Pacific Rim of British Columbia to be transformed, renewed, and reconnected To be reminded that the Earth s once thundering green heart has not flatlined, that the soul of all living things has not come to dust and that it isn t too late and that all is not lost They

  5. David Yoon David Yoon says:

    Tough gig having this come out the year after Richard Power s incredible Overstory but Michael Christie absolutely delivers the goods The stories are concentric rings of a tree as we go backwards in time, passing the central core and radiating outwards again But we kick off in the not too distant future.We re on a remote island off the coast of BC that is one of the world s last old

  6. Penny (Literary Hoarders) Penny (Literary Hoarders) says:

    So, so good So grand and layered, all the generations, their stories it was so great Clearly I don t read the same pages of the Giller judges because this should definitely have been on the shortlist, in my opinion The winner of the prize really, if I were to choose It s going to feel strange not reading about the Greenwood family any longer.

  7. Michael Michael says:

    Astonishing Like the trees and forests that form the backdrop of much of this book, Greenwood is a remarkable, majestic whole, comprised of characters big and small, and stories both epic and modest Greenwood is the sort of book you encounter only every several years, if you re lucky.

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    Does for Western Canada what John Steinbeck s East of Eden did for Salinas Valley, California 1908 to 2038, multi generational saga of the Greenwood family I read this slowly, savouring every scene and there were so many memorable ones This novel is a perfect blend of setting, character and story And then there are the trees The Greenwood family patriarch is a lumber baron, clear cutti

  9. Lollita Lollita says:

    I recieved this through giveaways It was okay, it was told over 5 different time periods of which the 2030, 2008 and 1970s began and ended the book which for me where the worse parts they were preachy in tone and I didnt really care about the characters The bulk of the novel was during the 1930s with a bit from early 1900s which I did enjoy, the plot was involved and things aside from w

  10. Michael Livingston Michael Livingston says:

    Another sprawling book about trees cf Barkskins and The Overstory , this is a multi generational saga that rips along at a great pace through 150 years and 500 pages The book is cleverly structured, mimicking the rings of an ancient tree, and the writing is crisp and occasionally beautiful There s a lot going on and Christie is making big points about family, environmental collapse and p

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