Girls of Storm and Shadow Kindle å of Storm and Epub

Girls of Storm and Shadow Kindle å of Storm and  Epub In this mesmerizing sequel to the New York Times bestselling Girls of Paper and Fire, Lei and Wren have escaped their oppressive lives in the Hidden Palace, but soon learn that freedom comes with a terrible costLei, the naive country girl who became a royal courtesan, is now known as the Moonchosen, the commoner who managed to do what no one else could But slaying the cruel Demon King wasn t the end of the plan it s just the beginning Now Lei and her warrior love Wren must travel the kingdom to gain support from the far flung rebel clans The journey is made even treacherous thanks to a heavy bounty on Lei s head, as well as insidious doubts that threaten to tear Lei and Wren apart from withinMeanwhile, an evil plot to eliminate the rebel uprising is taking shape, fueled by dark magic and vengeance Will Lei succeed in her quest to overthrow the monarchy and protect her love for Wren, or will she fall victim to the sinister magic that seeks to destroy her

10 thoughts on “Girls of Storm and Shadow

  1. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    Love is a sacred word reserved only for rebel girls and their warrior girlfriends, aka Lei and Wren

  2. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    2.5 starshello I m May but I go by Eternally Crying Over This Rating now

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    1 Girls of Paper and Fire Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch 1 Girls of Paper and Fire Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch

  4. Natasha Ngan Natasha Ngan says:

    This book contains an epic journey, dark magic, stormy seas and blistering deserts, cute queer boy demons, fancy parties, politics, betrayal, badass girls with swords, declarations of love that come too late, secrets and fears, hope and devastation, battles at midnight, stolen kisses, glorious feasts, shattered lives, and scenes that will both make and break your hear

  5. ✨ jamieson ✨ ✨ jamieson ✨ says:

    remember when I read the entire first book in one day good fucking times I cannot wait for the sequel and for my lesbian warrior mums to return

  6. Elise (TheBookishActress) Elise (TheBookishActress) says:

    love is real and it came up to me at a Starbucks and punched me in the face

  7. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Many thanks to Julie at jimmy Paterson for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was sent to me by the publisher If you would like to know how to get ARCs and review copies, feel free to watch my video, Advanced Reader Copies 101 setting this aside because 1 i m bored 2 i had to return the audiobook to the library Here we go Fingers crossed that the cute demon

  8. ellie ellie says:

    petition to rename this book gays of storm and shadow because that s basically what it is

  9. ;3 ;3 says:

    and that s on lesbianism

  10. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    1 Girls of Paper and Fire .52 Girls of Storm and ShadowFear is good It means you care And caring is its own kind of magic One just as powerful as any dao I can weaverepresentation own voices all asian cast author is Malaysian , f f relationship, m m relationships trigger warnings are listed at the bottom of this review and may contain spoilers yooooo i don t know what book y all were reading, but

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