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For The Immortal PDF ↠ For The  eBook ↠ Thousands of years ago, in an ancient world where the gods control all and heroes fight to have their names remembered down the ages, two extraordinary women become entangled in one of the greatest heroic tales of all time and must face how much they are willing to risk for immortalityDesperate to save her dying brother, Admete persuades her father, the king of Tiryns, to let her join Hercules on one of his legendary twelve labours Travelling to the renowned female warrior s in search of a cure, Admete soon discovers that both Hercules and the fearsome s are not as they first seemedThe s greet the arrival of the Greeks with mixed feelings and none so than Hippolyta, the revered queen of the tribe For Hercules and his band of fighters pose a threat to her way of life but also stir up painful memories that threaten to expose her deepest secretAs battle lines are drawn between the Greeks and the s, both women soon learn the inevitable truth in war, sacrifices must be made especially if they are to protect the ones they love mostAISE FOR EMILY HAUSER Hauser recreates one of the oldest tales in Greek myth with great skill and panache The Times Once in a while something comes along that s so utterly right, so necessary for now, that you wonder why nobody thought of it before Emily Hauser s stunning debut novel brings ancient Troy wildly, raucously, passionately alive Manda Scott, bestselling author of Boudica and Into the Fire A delight from start to finish Hauser s fresh perspective on one of the great archetypal epics, in focusing on the marginalised women s stories, makes for fascinating reading a clever premise and thoroughly enjoyable Elizabeth Fremantle, author of Sisters of Treason Kept me utterly absorbed Here is a heroine to cheer for, and a book to cherish Margot Livesey, author of The House on Fortune Street Beautifully descriptive drawing the reader into a lost world of gods and heroes Glyn Iliffe, author of King of Ithaca

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    I have to reiterate my For the Winner review where was this quality of writing in For the Most Beautiful The latter two books in this trilogy are better by far than the first book, and I can only assume that Hauser s debut novel was severely curtailed by the publishing house, who gave it a distinctly frothy, juvenile spin For the Winner and For the Immortal are thankfully muchinteresting For the Immortal returns to a dual protagonist set up

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    Dieses Buch rundet die Trilogie wirklich grandios ab Auch wenn die Namen der en teils echte Herausforderung sind Es hat einfach riesigen Spa gemacht der enk nigin Hippolyta und der Halbe Admete auf ihren Wegen zu folgen Beide wachsen einem ziemlich schnell ans Herz und man fiebert wieder unentwegt mit Speziell in diesem Teil finde ich die Sicht der Frauen sehr gelungen, da sie ein ganz anderes Bild auf die Helden der damaligen Zeit wirft Auch wenn

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    I ve been a huge fan of the Golden Apple trilogy for a while, so you can imagine my delight when I was invited onto the For The Immortal blog tour.Emily really has a fantastic way of making the Greek legends come to life in this fantastic book The reader really feels like they have been transported to ancient Greece, watching events unfold I could almost smell the herbs that Admete used for her healing and smell the sweat, fear and blood from the fiercebattles.

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    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Alexander, heir of Tiryns, is dying His sister Admete is a skillful healer, but her knowledge can t save him, so she persuades her father to let her join Hercules on one of his labours they will travel to the s, the legendary female warriors, in search of a cure The Greek are seen with suspect by the s, but queen Hippolyta gives them hospitality The encounter will have consequences both on Admete s a

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    Geschichte in all ihren FacettenGriechenland 1300 v Chr., zwei Frauen, wie sie unterschiedlicher nicht sein k nnten Es trennen sie nicht nur unendliche Weiten und Meere, sondern auch kulturelle Welten voneinander Doch trotz dieses Kontrasts, eint eins die beiden Frauen, die emotionale Verbundenheit zur jeweils anderen Kultur Die Griechin Admete und die enk nigin Hippolyta, deren Leben sich durch das Schicksal und Herkules letzte, seiner 12 ber hmten Aufgaben, unweigerlich au

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    Mit Die Tochter des Himmels endet die wunderbare Trilogie ber die Frauen von Troja von Emily Hauser Im Mittelpunkt dieses dritten historischen Romans stehen die beiden sehr sympahtischen Frauen Admete und Hippolyta Admete ist die Tochter des K nigs von Tiryns und der in Antimache Hippolyta ist die enk nigin und lebt fast am Ende der damals bekannten Welt Beide leben in unterschiedlichen Kulturen und kommen im Laufe der Geschichte aufeinander zu Admete macht sich mit Herkule Mit Die

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    Emily Hauser s Golden Apple trilogy investigates various women from Greek mythology Although the three books are connected, they can be viewed as a standalone as each covers a different legend The final book in this trilogy centres around three women Hippolyta the Queen of the s, Admete the daughter of Eurystheus and Hera, goddess and wife of Zeus.For the Immortal mostly alternates between the stories of Admete and Hippolyta two seemingly unrelated stories, but in time, the paths of th Em

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    1.5 5 mehhhhh

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