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[Epub] ↠ Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children Author Thomas Gordon – Vejega.info PET Or Parent Effectiveness Training, Began Almost Forty Years Ago As The First National Parent Training Program To Teach Parents How To Communicate Effectively With Kids And Offer Step By Step Advice To Resolving Family Conflicts So Everybody Wins This Beloved Classic Is The Most Studied, Highly Praised, And Proven Parenting Program In The World And It Will Work For You Now Revised For The First Time Since Its Initial Publication, This Groundbreaking Guide Will Show You How To Avoid Being A Permissive ParentHow To Listen So Kids Will Talk To You And Talk So Kids Will Listen To You How To Teach Your Children To Own Their Problems And To Solve ThemHow To Use The No Lose Method To Resolve ConflictsUsing The Timeless Methods Of PET Will Have Immediate Results Less Fighting, Fewer Tantrums And Lies, No Need For Punishment Whether You Have A Toddler Striking Out For Independence Or A Teenager Who Has Already Started Rebelling, You Ll Find PET A Compassionate, Effective Way To Instill Responsibility And Create A Nurturing Family Environment In Which Your Child Will Thrive

10 thoughts on “Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children

  1. Suebee Suebee says:

    Excellent book with many practical examples Three main techniques Active ListeningWhen a child presents a problem concern expresses something at all, echo back to them what you hear they are FEELING not just parrot back what they say , no judgement,

  2. Albert Duran Albert Duran says:

    This book is very helpful not only for parenting and child rearing, but also for improving interpersonal relations in general Engaging in active listening, avoiding blaming others with you messages and focusing on I messages, and participating in no lose conf

  3. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    Absolutely the best parenting book I ve read It s already had the biggest impact on our lives of any parenting book I ve read And it seems to be the book that all my favorites were based on Are you a fan of Playful Parenting, Unconditional Parenting, Siblings Without R

  4. Angiefm Angiefm says:

    I m not sure about this one I think the main methods outlined Active Listening, using I messages,and finding solutions together with your children instead of imposing them from above, are good in theory, and I ve been using all three However, the author never really addresses th

  5. Sarah Ford Sarah Ford says:

    Although this is a book about parenting, I recommend it to you if you re interested in improving your relationships with everyone The premise of the book is that some parents use their power to control their children, while other parents, in order to be liked by their kids or to keep the

  6. MomToKippy MomToKippy says:

    Read this book many years ago and was thinking of it today One of the best books I have ever read and as another reviewer said it is life changing This book is not really just for parenting, it is for anyone who interacts with other human beings on a regular basis and wants to improve communication

  7. Razvan Zamfirescu Razvan Zamfirescu says:

    Cartea a reusit sa depaseasca toate limitele tolerantei mele Da, inca o carte care m a scos din sarite, de data aceasta insa, de pe un alt palier.1 Autorul prezinta toate banalitatile pe care le stie oricine in straie atat de colorate, incat ai putea crede ca el a inventat pana si regula de a stinge becul in

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I had touted Love and Logic parenting for a long time but then I realized I couldn t implement it effectively, lovingly and in a way where I felt I was being respectful of my children as individuals I always felt like I was manipulating circumstances and making up natural consequences to make a point I also didn t lik

  9. whitney whitney says:

    I found active listening, I messages, and no lose conflict resolution to be very useful concepts and I think I ll get a lot from this book on that front, but I felt like the book itself was about twice or as long as it needed to be, very repetitive, and veryI don t know, borderline infomercialish in terms of the way Gordon pro

  10. Leia Leia says:

    This book has one very important idea that really works Once you get the concept, it seems like the author drones on and on about it TLDR this could be a three chapter book I highly recommend reading the first couple of chapters and skimming until you find parts you want to read The examples throughout are very worthy.The P.E.T technique

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