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Read ✓ Energy Strands  By Denise Linn – EnlightenedPersonally, I chose a five star rating for this book because of all the powerful information contained Although I practice many of the rituals contained within, this book provided very in depth details and insights of the how s and why s that I ve never really considered I definitely will be reading other books from this author I felt a very deep spiritual connection to her teachings. For me, there is a great deal of practical knowledge available in this book I had borrowed it from the library but have downloaded a copy to my Kindle for future reference I do have a sense of the connectivity that she describes in this work and I want to understand and utilize these connections fully and safely A couple of quotes I really appreciated Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman in his lectures on electromagnetism states that when the body is earthed, it becomes an extension of the earth s gigantic electrical system, and when this occurs, our bodies move into a natural harmony It s not enjoyable to think that we get something out of the depleting energy attachments that we have, but perhaps we are victims of life because of the way our society honors and even celebrates victims Television news is full of victim stories, and we all rush to pity and feel sorry for those for those who have life tragedies In our culture, it s often easier to feel like a victim than to acknowledge responsibility of your life experiences Of course, we should have immense compassion for anyone in trying circumstances We should also have compassion for ourselves if we have a rough time in life But it s important to remember that from a spiritual perspective, there are no victims, only volunteers I really needed this one right now. Native Shamanic Traditions Tell Us That There Are Cords, Strands, Threads, And Filaments Of Energy That Flow To And Through Us, Connecting Us To Everyone And Everything In The Universe Some Energy Strands Make Us Feel Vibrant And Alive Others Deplete And Weaken Us Most Of Us Are Unaware Of These Energy Strands, But They Are Extremely Powerful Forces That Surround Us Every DayIn Her Latest Book, Energy Strands, Denise Linn Shows You How To Release The Cords That Bind You And Strengthen The Ones That Heal You She Shares Methods She S Personally Practiced Over The Years To Help You Achieve Peace And Balance In Your Life, Including How To Discover Attachments To Family, Friends, Lovers, Past Lives, And Petscut Energy Strands With Toxic People And Unhealthy Relationshipsactivate Specific Techniques To Protect And Shield Your Energy Fielduse Space Clearing Methods To Create Harmony In Your Home Energy Strands Explores The Connection Between The Chakras, Breath, Meditation, Visualization, Sound Healing, And Using A Variety Of Tools, Including Dowsing, Smudging, Singing Bowls, Crystals, And Much, Much , You Ll Begin To Renew Your Energy, Replenish Your Inner Sources, And Magnify The Cords That Empower You This book was great I went into it knowing a pretty good deal about chords and energy strands, so I thought but this book went into great detail and explained everything very well Gave great advice on techniques and customs as well I d even read it again And definitely recommend it. I love Denise Linn, she is certainly an awakened woman and her mission is to help people This book is a great source about the energy strands that keep us attached to people, things, animals, etc Some times they are healthy, often they are not Here Denise tells us how to recognize them, cutting them if they are negative, and reinforce them when they are positive She also gives lots of tips about how to create energy shields, clear the energy of our home and much There are also lots of case studies that are quite impressive and interesting I really recommend it. Was recommended this book, no regrets after purchaseI was told by a couple of people my energy is low, I m a sponge etc I had no idea what bring a sponge meant Someone recommended I picked up this book as Denise Linn very clearly explains what happens to a sponge and how we can keep our vibrations high to prevent our energy from going low In this book, Denise Linn clearly explains why and how we can attract low vibrations intentionally or unintentionally And also provides different ways on how to remove these cords that do not serve our highest purpose I appreciate that she s provided various options so that I could pick one I m drawn to.She also explained various techniques for shielding and why we should still shield even if we believe in the good of people If we don t shield, it s like leaving our front doors unlocked when we stay in an unsafe neighborhood We won t be doing ourselves any favours in that situation.This book is an easy read, she explains everything really clearly. This book helped me on so many levels The most profound of which was how many astral cords I was attached to ex partners, former friends, an abusive mother and how they were affecting my present circumstances Everything from your self worth to your level of productivity is affected by the people you remain attached to , even after they physically leave your life.Once you make this discovery, you can cut those destructive cords once and for all and let me tell you, the freedom you feel afterward is palpable A fabulous, awesome book Denise shares how we are all connected through strands or cords, and how you can discover toxic strands that are attached to you and how to cut them using different methods She explains the type of energy strands that might be connected to us, for example past relationships She also tells us how we can protect ourselves from energy vampires and psychic attacks, as well as how to tell the difference between a toxic person and an energy vampire. This book explains how energies of other people, places, and things can negatively or positively affect or sometimes even influence us The information in this book will be helpful if you want to know about the ways in which energy works, for empaths or anyone else that is energy sensitive While reading I got a lot of answers and aha moments regarding my past experiences in which I was feeling something that was unexplainable It all made sense when I learned about these energy strands that Denise Linn talks about She explains how visualization is a powerful tool to have As an empath, I find the many different techniques she teaches to be very valuable I tried out a few methods for shielding and I can already feel that they are powerful Ever since reading this I am also aware of the energy strands that I share with others. Crucial guidebook to managing energetic connections Listening to author Denise Linn was a wonderful connection cord warm, funny, wise and oh so human and time to honor its sacredness and bless its release highly recommended for workers in the healing arts and those sensitive souls just feeling so much.

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