10 thoughts on “Empty The Cup... Before You Fill It Up

  1. Thelmisha Thelmisha says:

    I purchased this book after having heard Dr Ernie Mendes speak in person He was a dynamic and charismatic speaker I was expectingwonderful insight from the book Instead it wasof the same Had I not already heard his spill I probably would have like this book .

  2. Joseph Mondragon Joseph Mondragon says:

    Very practical A lot of value in a small, easily accessible package Appropriate for a wide range of applications I will use ideas and activities from this book during presentations, training sessions, and on the challenge course.

  3. Amy Amy says:

    Easy read I book marked some activities I think I can use in my classroom The activities seem like they will be simple to implement, fun for the students, and will take little time I shall see how it goes.

  4. Shannon Garcia Shannon Garcia says:

    Great for the relationship building activite, which can be used in any classroom Fantastic speaker.

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