Don't Get Sick.: A Panic-Free Pocket Guide to Living in a

Don't Get Sick.: A Panic-Free Pocket Guide to Living in a The next best thing to a cure for the common cold proven strategies to outsmart germs and help you stay disease freeComing down with the latest bug to make the rounds will never be on anyone s to do list After all,who has time to be laid up by, say, a cold or the flu And now that the germs are getting bigger and badder, there s even reason to try to stay healthyDon t Get Sick by the editors of Prevention makes the case for smart self care as the key to stopping the spread of infectious illness While germs may not bepercent avoidable, there s a lot that people can do to reduce their exposure and strengthen their natural defenses Drawing on scientific research and expert interviews, Don t Get Sick reveals where germs are most likely to linger how nurses, teachers, and others in high risk professions manage to outsmart illness which immune boosting products really work and which aren t worth the moneyPacked with real world advice, along with a healthy dose of perspective on swine flu and other health risks, Don t Get Sick is a must have resource for anyone concerned about their health

10 thoughts on “Don't Get Sick.: A Panic-Free Pocket Guide to Living in a Germ-Filled World

  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    A quick read, and had many useful tips I didn t realize although I d completed a health course in spring 2009 and a nutrition course in fall 2005 And definitely not bad since I bought it for 1 at Dollar Tree.

  2. Derek Walker Derek Walker says:

    Once the book gets into specific tips, around page 50, things get exciting I was bored until then.

  3. Wendi Lau Wendi Lau says:

    Good basics.

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