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[Reading] ➿ Creating the Good Life :Applying Aristotle's Wisdom to Find Meaning and Happiness Author James O'Toole – Vejega.info Provides excellent perspective and advice for those on the south side of age 50. Creating the Good Life Applying Aristotle s Wisdom to Find Meaning and HappinessJames O TooleRodale Books Given the fact that he lived almost 2,400 years ago, what could Aristotle possibly have to say that is directly relevant now In fact, people especially those at mid life are struggling to find meaning and happiness Some ask, as Peggy Lee once did, Is that all there is The purpose of this book is show how Aristotle is an effective guide on that search, and how he can help many people to find their own practical answer to a critically important question, What s next In an interview appeared in the July August 2005 issue of Chamber Executive magazine, O Toole observes that Aristotle was the most practical of all great philosophers His audience was the business and political leadership of his day He offered them wisdom they could apply in their own lives practical advice on matters ranging from ethical business practices to effective philanthropy Aristotle even describes virtuous non retirement the lifelong commitment to engage in leisure work which is characterized by pursuit of the highest good of individual excellence and the complete This is a business world complement to some of the recent attempts to make philosophy useful to modern people for example, the engaging CONSOLATIONS OF PHILOSOPHY and HOW PROUST CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE by Alain de Botton If you are over 4r or wo, a successful professional, and wondering what el A should read book on happiness in self development for knowledge workers, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. I learned some aspects of Aristotle s ethics and their relationship to personal happiness, but I was not overly impressed by the biographical examples the author provided. Great introduction to Aristotle for the layman For those a little unsure about tackling the original manuscripts themselves, O Toole has delivered a nice work that neatly summarizes many of Aristotle s key writings as well as developing some creative ways to make old ideas zing again A must read for anyone approaching their late 30s or 40s Classical definitions from an age gone by are particularly relevant today in the midst of terms such as happiness and the good life and virtue being defined by reality television stars and drive by media talking heads O Toole divides the book between defining terminology and concepts and then what living with an awareness of these terms should or could look like in today s world Not a Christian worldview per se, b Professionals And Business People In Midlife Are Increasingly Asking Themselves What S Next In Their Careers And Personal Lives Creating The Good Life Draws On The Wisdom Of The Ages To Help Contemporary Men And Women Plan For Satisfying, Useful, Moral, And Meaningful Second Halves Of Their Lives.For Centuries, The Brightest People In Western Societies Have Looked To Aristotle For Guidance On How To Lead A Good Life And How To Create A Good Society Now James O Toole The Mortimer J Adler Senior Fellow Of The Aspen Institute Translates That Classical Philosophical Framework Into Practical, Comprehensible Terms To Help Professionals And Business People Apply It To Their Own Lives And Work His Book Helps Thoughtful Readers Address Some Of The Profound Questions They Are Currently Struggling With In Planning Their Futures O How Do I Find Meaning And Satisfaction O How Much Money Do I Need In Order To Be Happy O What Is The Right Balance Between Work, Family, And Leisure O What Are My Responsibilities To My Community O How Can I Create A Good Society In My Own Company Bridging Philosophy And Self Help, O Toole S Book Shows How Happiness Ultimately Is Attainable No Matter One S Level Of Income, If One Uses Aristotle S Practical Exercises To Ask The Right Questions And To Discipline Oneself To Pursue Things That Are Good For Us The Book Is The Basis For O Toole S New Good Life Seminar, Where Thoughtful Men And Women Gather To Create Robust And Satisfying Life Plans.

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