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[PDF / Epub] ✈ Coal River  ☀ Ellen Marie Wiseman – Vejega.info In This Vibrant New Historical Novel, The Acclaimed Author Of The Plum Tree And What She Left Behind Explores One Young Woman S Determination To Put An End To Child Labor In A Pennsylvania Mining Town.As A Child, Emma Malloy Left Isolated Coal River, Pennsylvania, Vowing Never To Return Now, Orphaned And Penniless At Nineteen, She Accepts A Train Ticket From Her Aunt And Uncle And Travels Back To The Rough Hewn Community Treated Like A Servant By Her Relatives, Emma Works For Free In The Company Store There, Miners And Their Impoverished Families Must Pay Inflated Prices For Food, Clothing, And Tools, While Those Who Owe Money Are Turned Away To Starve Most Heartrending Of All Are The Breaker Boys Emma Sees Around The Village Young Children Who Toil All Day Sorting Coal Amid Treacherous Machinery Their Soot Stained Faces Remind Emma Of The Little Brother She Lost Long Ago, And She Begins Leaving Stolen Food On Families Doorsteps, And Marking The Miners Bills As Paid Though Emma S Actions Draw Ire From The Mine Owner And Police Captain, They Lead To An Alliance With A Charismatic Miner Who Offers To Help Her Expose The Truth And As The Lines Blur Between What Is Legal And What Is Just, Emma Must Risk Everything To Follow Her Conscience An Emotional, Compelling Novel That Rings With Authenticity Coal Riveris A Deft And Honest Portrait Of Resilience In The Face Of Hardship, And Of The Simple Acts Of Courage That Can Change Everything.

10 thoughts on “Coal River

  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    2.5 Pennsylvania, 1912, coal mining is a horribly dangerous and back breaking job The breaker boys, children so incredibly young sent to the mines, such a heartbreaking thing Children were not allowed to be children during this time unless they came from wealthy families Think we almost go overboard the other way

  2. Angela M Angela M says:

    Wiseman takes on some serious issues in her novels and she develops these themes around some very strong women In The Plum Tree , it s the holocaust and in What She Left Behind, it s the horrific treatment of patients at an insane asylum, some of whom were committed there without a trace of mental illness In Coal R

  3. Elyse Elyse says:

    There was so much injustice in this story I was getting sick The year was 1912 Coal River, Pennsylvania Mining Country Children were working in those mines as young as 6 years old They were injured, disabled, starving, and fucking abused Author Marie Wiseman is a beautiful sensitivewriter, absolutely terrific storyte

  4. Irene Irene says:

    The writing of this book was so poorly executed It was filled with heaving bosoms, hammering hearts, sinking knees, creeping pin pricks of sweat and the like The characters appeared to have been extruded from a mold without any nuance The plot was strung together with highly implausible scenes, concluding with a turn o

  5. Lori Lori says:

    This really did open my eyes to the difficult life of coal miners and breaker boys made my heart absolutely break for the tragedy that so many of these families were forced to endure Overall, I thought this was well written a...

  6. *Avonna *Avonna says:

    Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman is an extremely well written historical novel of a fictional coal town in Pennsylvania in the early 1900 s This is the author s third novel and now I know why others are talking about her Through the eyes of her main character, Emma Malloy, she witnesses and relates to us the strife and ho

  7. Judi Anne Judi Anne says:

    When a new author writes two incredibly wonderful books, What She Left Behind and The Plum Tree and the third one is just so so I feel let down This is one of those books However, it was a very good look the coal mines and the black lung disease that was common with the workers then and still is The author particularly focus

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    It pains me to give less than a three star rating But to do otherwise when the sum total of a book s strengths and weaknesses falls short of average would be dishonest False praise is a cruel facade that benefits no one There is great value in Coal River I applaud Wiseman for bringing to light the atrocities of early twentieth

  9. Brenda Brenda says:

    Nineteen year old Emma Malloy was devastated at the loss of both her parents in a fire at the theatre where they worked After having lost her younger brother Albert when she was a child, she couldn t believe she was now an orphan And when she heard she had two choices go to live with her aunt and uncle in Coal River, Pennsylvani

  10. Sonja Sonja says:

    1912 Die 19 j hrige Emma hat ihre Eltern durch ein Feuer verloren und steht nun mittellos da Ihre Tante und ihr Onkel in dem Bergarbeiterort Coal River nehmen Emma bei sich auf Vor gut 10 Jahren war Emma zuletzt bei ihnen Damals verungl ckte Emmas kleiner Bruder Albert auf dem Fluss und Emma m chte nichts me...

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