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[Epub] ↠ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket, #1)  Author Roald Dahl – Vejega.info Willy Wonka S Famous Chocolate Factory Is Opening At Last But Only Five Lucky Children Will Be Allowed Inside And The Winners Are Augustus Gloop, An Enormously Fat Boy Whose Hobby Is Eating Veruca Salt, A Spoiled Rotten Brat Whose Parents Are Wrapped Around Her Little Finger Violet Beauregarde, A Dim Witted Gum Chewer With The Fastest Jaws Around Mike Teavee, A Toy Pistol Toting Gangster In Training Who Is Obsessed With Television And Charlie Bucket, Our Hero, A Boy Who Is Honest And Kind, Brave And True, And Good And Ready For The Wildest Time Of His Life

10 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket, #1)

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    Tonight I just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory with my son This is the first chapter book I ve read all the way through with him And it was a ton of fun First off, I ll admit that I love the movie I grew up with it I m talking about the Gene Wilder version, of course I ll even admit to liking the movie better than the book Which is some

  2. Grace Tjan Grace Tjan says:

    Jess, my 7 year old little girl, gives it 5 stars.Comments while reading How come someone is called Gloop And Salt Isn t that the thing that we use for cooking What is spoiled Oh, okay, I m NOT spoiled Huh, Grandpa Joe is 96 years old How come that he s even older than my grandpa How come Charlie s dad can t work at the toothpaste factory any What does ban

  3. Lyn Lyn says:

    Gene Wilder June 11, 1933 August 29, 2016 Goodbye Gene, you ll always be Willy Wonka to me.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl first published in 1964 was an immediate children s classic and has inspired two film versions.I was surprised to see that neither of the films came close to Dahl s text Dahl s Willy Wonka is a dark creature who killed c

  4. Bookdragon Sean Bookdragon Sean says:

    I was planning on writing an extremely argumentative review explaining how sadistically vile Willie Wonka is, and how his god like complex ruined the lives of four flawed children But that seems insensitive at the moment Instead I shall simply say that Gene Wilder dominated his performance as Willie Wonka He carried all the outward charm, the charisma and th

  5. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    Slightly odd story of virtuous poverty rewarded by evil capitalist who caused the poverty by firing all his workers in favour of employing non human immigrants.Unemployment from the chocolate factory, apparently the only consumer of labour in the otherwise stagnant economy of Charlie s home town, proving I suppose that an excess of chocolate is really bad for

  6. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Everything in this room is edible Even I m edible But, that would be called canibalism It is looked down upon in most societiesEveryone knows this story Little Charlie Bucket lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents They all depend on his father for money and he just lost his job They re running out of food, fuel and money when just in time Charli

  7. James James says:

    One of the first books I ever read I wanted to watch the movie, but wasn t allowed to until I read the book And so I did And now, every few years, I want to again It s been a long time But who doesn t love chocolate and d...

  8. Justin Justin says:

    I m sitting here on the couch watching Violet turn violet and fill up with juice before being sent off to the de juicing room The sun is going down, and it s almost bedtime out here, at least for the kids My night is just beginning I ve been halfway following along with the movie and thinking about how awesome it was to be a kid to dream of chocolate factories a

  9. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    I was ten years old and already the magic was gone from the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, leprechauns, Santa Claus and his buddy the Krampus All was stripped of its power to enthrall Heck, even sex had been demystified years prior Then along came Charlie and the Chocolate Factory It gloried in candy, my number one passion of the day But not only that, eating can

  10. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    The movie always fascinated me both as a kid and adult so I was really eager to jump into this and see if I could figure it out But dude, i m still stumped I m not sure if Willy Wonka is supposed to be mad, a genius, or a mad genius There s just so many priceless lines of dialogue that the movies also captured so well, and this book is so whimsical and wholesome,

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