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Free ↠ Capable Of Feeling  By Penny Jordan – I Need A Wife, Sophy, But Not To Share My Bed To Sophy, Who Believed She Was Frigid, It Seemed The Perfect Arrangement Jon Phillips, Her Kind And Understanding Boss, Was Offering Sophy A Marriage Of Convenience.He Needed Someone To Help Care For His Niece And Nephew, And Sophy Already Loved The Children As If They Were Her Own Her Feelings For Jon, However, Were Less Clear.In Sharing A Roof Together, Sophy Became Increasingly Aware Of Her Husband And Of Her Growing Desire To Make Their Marriage A Real One In Every Sense.

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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Fun story of a heroine who is convinced she is frigid after being traumatized by her first painful physically and emotionally sexual experience four years before Her partner was a socially acceptable guy her snobby parents pushed on to her Heroine is also convinced she is ugly based on her mother s horrible comments throughout

  2. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re Capable of Feeling PJ brings us a tale of hidden identities and sneaky motives with this one She has got an h who thinks she is frigid but is really a sex kitten waiting to be jump started and a sneaky Alpha H who is willing to don a beta nerdy disguise to get his girl The h in this one is the usual PJ type, she is tall, beaut

  3. Vintage Vintage says:

    I ve read this twice, with skimming Each time I see a review I forget I ve read the book which is not a great sign.Just re read this and have to say that just once, JUST ONCE, view spoiler I wish when confronted with the other woman, that the h would lay into her instead of falling into a twee, weepy martyr complex No, sweetheart, go on without me Save yourself. Option one, tell her fine, you can have the assh

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    I miss Penny Jordan so much She never disappointed me Her books are full of angst and passion This one was great Lots of misunderstandings, jealousy, evil OM, evil OW and an alpha hero who pretends to be beta so as to win the heroine s love.

  5. Widala Widala says:

    Did I really just read a Harlequin Present book Because Jon was so sweet, I could lick him all day.I wonder if he missed the classes of How to be an Asshole Hero 101 and How to Deliberately Misunderstand a Heroine and be a Suspicious Jerk because he was very supportive of Sophy when dealing with her useless parents, and he totally believed her when he caught her with OM and that useless OM sprouting cruel lies But

  6. Leona Leona says:

    I enjoyed this oneand I would have rated it higher, but there were just way too many things going on that made thiscomplex than it needed to be If the author had just stuck with the theme of frigidity along with a geeky but very sexy hero and evil OM, I think that would have been enough for me But the heroines constant insecurities, evil OW who appears out of the blue, things that go bump in the night, parents that

  7. Roub Roub says:

    this was a fun read Sophy behaved like a gauche teenager Jon was no beta why did he marry her when he knew she found him physically unappealing Sophy was really the strangest character she was sexless up until she married Jon and suddenly she discovered he was an attractive man lol the kids o...

  8. IamGamz IamGamz says:

    A sweet, enjoyable read Very soap opera ish The h is clueless Her ex is an abusive ass The H is sweet and adorable He has a crazy stalker The kids are precocious An decent read with lots of stuff happening.

  9. Tia Tia says:

    Sophy thought she was incapable of love, not to mention she thought she was frigid as well At least that s what her first lover Chris told her She was confused and every time a man took her into his arms, she froze She never thought she would get married but that all changed when her boss Jon asked her to marry him At first Sophy was shocked, then Jon told her, it was for his niece and nephew, whom his deceased brother an

  10. Pam Pam says:

    I really loved this book I thought the love story was so sweet I really like books with the Hero in love with the Heroine for a while and the need to prove himself The problem for me in the story was the hero was t...

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