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➯ Brave New Knits  Read ➸ Author Julie Turjoman – Vejega.info Brave New Knits Is The First Book To Celebrate The Convergence Of Traditional Hand Knitting And Modern Technology The Internet Has Made It Possible For The Knitting Community To Connect Through Photos, Pattern Sharing, And Blogs That Document The Knitting Projects And Passions Of Dozens Of Designers And Enthusiasts With A Foreword Written By Jessica Marshall Forbes, Co F

10 thoughts on “Brave New Knits

  1. Arielle Walker Arielle Walker says:

    Rather underwhelming.

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    There are some amazing projects from big name designers here This book exceeded my expectations I think it s because of the use of blogosphere in the subtitle Editors, get rid of blogosphere Who says that

  3. Leslie Latham Leslie Latham says:

    Great stories about knitters and how they came to their blogs.Of particular interest Wooly Wormhead, who has amazing hats on her blog, Sean Riley, and Grumperina.

  4. Cathy Cathy says:

    I enjoyed reading about the knitwear designers profiled in this book, but wouldn t likely knit any of the patterns.

  5. Janelle Janelle says:

    To my surprise, my local public library acquired this book Their craft book budget has plummeted to nearly nothing over the past couple of years I made sure to check it out right away, and then renew it, to communicate interest And because I wasn t done with it yet This book features 26 short essays about prominent knit blog

  6. Deana Deana says:

    I like to collect patterns about as much as I like to collect pretty yarns, pretty beads, pretty paper, well pretty anything really, so I couldn t believe my luck when Rodale Books offered the digital version of Brave New Knits through NetGalley for reviewers I m thinking teehee, it s sooo good to do reviews Yum, yum, another good tr

  7. Laura Laura says:

    26 projects and personalities from the knitting blogosphere pretty much sums up what this book is all about Lots of the personalities have connections to Ravelry I borrowed the book from my boss for a quick look and really liked the book My library doesn t have a copy so I can t borrow it for ain depth review I didn t read the personality par

  8. Heather Heather says:

    Chronicles the convergence of knitting, blogging and online social networking 26 personalities prominent in the knitting blogosphere are showcased Each has contributed an original pattern, with the finished object beautifully photographed The good Each of these designer bloggers has a compelling personal story The biographies are well done and very in

  9. Anastacia Anastacia says:

    With a foreword from Jessica, one of the co owners of the facebook for knitters site ravelry.com, I jumped at the chance to get a copy of this book to review from netgalley.com While the galley was very rough there were notes back forth in between the actual text, and I had a few dozen pages of garbage to skip through , the true light of the book shown through

  10. Tanya Tanya says:

    Lots of projects I d love to knit this would be a great gift, but I m glad the library has a copy too.The ones I d like to do Milk maiden pulloverGlobal cable coatSilke jacketDelysia camisoleOrigami shrugWoodsmoke scarf I think I may want to do this one soonChutes and ladders socks designed by a mom with young kids cute name Hydrangea neckwearLenina capFoxgloves would

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