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Black Rabbit Summer eBook é Black Rabbit  PDF/EPUB ² Thoughtful Pete, tough Pauly, twins Eric and Nicole, strange Raymond As kids they were tight now they ve grown up and apart They agree to get together one last time, but, twisted by personal histories and fueled by pharmaceuticals, old jealousies surface The party s soon over, and the group splinters off into the night Into the noise and heat and chaos of the carnival Days later, a girl goes missing The prime suspect in her disappearance One of their own, one of the old gang Pete doesn t know what to believe Could one of his childhood friends really be a cold blooded killer

10 thoughts on “Black Rabbit Summer

  1. Erica May Erica May says:

    I recently remembered I read this book, but forgot what it was about and such So, I decided to venture into the reviews, which were all following some sort of status quo vote two stars, rave about Raymond, call the rest of the book total shit, etc However, I will have to go against this, because as

  2. natercopia natercopia says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Wow Just when I thought something good would come out from this book, it went straight from being average to zero Here s the thing, when you write about a certain character a large portion of it , you expect the reader to care

  3. Nick Davies Nick Davies says:

    Picked up on a whim from a charity shop in the smallest historic county in England, I think I assumed this would beChris Brookmyre Colin Bateman in nature than it was When it came to add the book to my TBR list a couple of days later, I realised I d read a Kevin Brooks previously Kiss The Rain and I d not really e

  4. Nilo Nilo says:

    Ever since I was a fifth grader, I read a book that changed my life That book was Cryptid Hunters, by Roland Smith A sci fi twist of emotion, adventure and surprise I laughed, I cried, I changed for the better as a person I must have read and reread it a million times Whatever Amazingly, all my life until now my junior ye

  5. Sara Grochowski Sara Grochowski says:

    Title Black Rabbit SummerAuthor Keven BrooksPublisher Chicken House Scholastic Date Published 2008Genre Young AdultMain Themes Missing persons, Friendship, Growing up, Drugs and AlcoholPages 488Plot from book jacket As kids they were tight Now they ve grown up and apart Before going their separate ways for good, they decide to ge

  6. Chella Chella says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I thought I was going to like this book the first three hundred pages or so Sure, the narrator isn t exactly likeable, but he makes you want to keep reading in the hope of finding out what happens to his best friend Raymond The book makes you think this is wh

  7. Simon Howard Simon Howard says:

    This book is a coming of age crime thriller for teenagers I m not a teenager, and I m not really a fan of thrillers This book isn t for me And yet, I thought it was awesome.The plot centres around of group of friends in their mid teens As with any decent thriller, there s sex, booze, drugs and missing people I ve often said that moral ambiguity

  8. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Interesting little book, but I really didn t like Brooks choppy, flat writing style On the bright side I thought the characters in Black Rabbit Summer were really original.

  9. Elle♣ Elle♣ says:

    4 starsRTC I need to process my feelings

  10. Phyliss Proctor Phyliss Proctor says:

    Coming of age and friendship warp together with a dark mystery subplot in this YA novel It s a good summer read as its title says.

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