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[PDF] ↠ Beneath the Darkening Sky Author Majok Tulba – Vejega.info On The Day That Obinna S Village Is Savagely Attacked By The Rebel Army And His Father Murdered, He Witnesses Violence Beyond His Imagination Along With His Older Brother He Finds Himself Thrown Into A Truck When The Soldiers Leave, To Be Shaped Into An Agent Of Horror A Child Soldier Marched Through Minefields And Forced Into Battle, Enduring A Brutal Daily Existence, Obinna Slowly Works Out Which Parts Of Himself To Save And Which To Sacrifice In This World Turned Upside DownBeneath The Darkening Skyis A Terrifyingly Powerful, Brilliantly Insightful Portrait Of How A Human Being Copes When Forced To Become Inhuman Like All Great Fiction, It Imagines The Unimaginable, And Announces The Arrival Of A Searing New Voice From The Heart Of Africa

10 thoughts on “Beneath the Darkening Sky

  1. PattyMacDotComma PattyMacDotComma says:

    5 It s loud So loud ISIS RECRUITS WAKE UP PAY ATTENTION This is Sudan, but now someone needs to write a book like this for ISIS recruits Kids are expendable landmine detectors for the SAE Sudanese Armed Forces and suicide bombers fo

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Beneath the Darkening Sky tells the horrifying story of the life of Obinna One night the rebels come to Obinna s village to wreak havoc burning huts, randomly beheading the men and lining up the children, taking anyone higher than the s

  3. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    I learnt about this title from a brief interview with Get Reading organiser Cheryl Akyl and Majok Tulba and was immediately interested When Tulba was nine the Sudanese Armed Forces invaded his village and murdered many its people, including

  4. Ellie Ellie says:

    Obinna, an 11 year old boy, and his brother are taken from their village one night, when it is violently ambushed by the SAF Obinna witness s atrocities no child should ever witness and this is his bare all and hold nothing back account of life

  5. Greg Barron Greg Barron says:

    Beneath the Darkening Sky is disturbing, brutal and tragic It s also beautifully written and perfectly weighted I read every word of this book It tells the truth in a way that transcends the fictional nature of the novel Possibly not for everyone,

  6. Andreea Diana Andreea Diana says:

    Words are just useless in this moment, for this book It feels even to basic to call it a book, when it is, in fact, a living proof to the atrocities the human race has made A tragedy, a story about war, death and People who experienced hell Villages bu

  7. Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum says:

    Obinna s life of tending goats in a small village in Sudan comes crashing around his ears one night when rebels enter the village looking for blood and new recruits to fight in the ongoing civil war The rebels determine potential recruits by measuring the

  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I am very relieved to be finished this book It was not an easy read, I didn t want to read it in the evening in case it gave me nightmares and then I often didn t choose to pick it up during the daytime either since I normally had another book on the go at the

  9. Ed Kent Ed Kent says:

    Interesting to read this book, it identifies issues that are current in present day Africa I found the story involving enough for me to want to finish it, however, you really feel the jump from the voice in the first chapter to the muchgrown up voice from the seco

  10. Tina Tina says:

    Very brutal and confronting story about the life of child soldiers in Sudan I heard the author, Majok Tulba, speak at the Brisbane Writers Festival, where he said that his editor had encouraged him to take out some of thegraphic and brutal scenes so it wasn t too conf

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