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[Ebook] Bad Love (Alex Delaware, #8)  By Jonathan Kellerman – Vejega.info It Came In A Plain Brown Wrapper, No Return Address An Audiocassette Recording Of A Horrifying, Soul Lacerating Scream, Followed By The Sound Of A Childlike Voice Chanting Bad Love Bad Love Don T Give Me The Bad Love For Alex Delaware The Tape Is The First Intimation That He Is About To Enter A Living Nightmare Others Soon Follow Disquieting Laughter Echoing Over A Phone Line That Suddenly Goes Dead, A Chilling Act Of Trespass And Vandalism He Has Become The Target Of A Carefully Orchestrated Campaign Of Vague Threats And Intimidation Rapidly Building To A Crescendo As Harassment Turns To Terror, Mischief To Madness With The Help Of His Friend LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis, Alex Uncovers A Series Of Violent Deaths That May Follow A Diabolical Pattern And If He Fails To Decipher The Twisted Logic Of The Stalker S Mind Games, Alex Will Be The Next To Die Taut, Penetrating, Terrifying, Bad Love Is Vintage Kellerman.Also Available On BDD Audio Cassette From The Paperback Edition.

10 thoughts on “Bad Love (Alex Delaware, #8)

  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Another case of a multi layered conspiracy for the powerful to take advantage of youth, in which Alex and Milo discover and bring to justice Unfortunately, not before Alex and Robin s house is burnt down in retaliation At least they find a dog that they adopt at their temporary home So my question is why does the doctor continue to see patients in his home Because of his involvement in sensitive cases, often with fra

  2. Gwen Gwen says:

    My feelings are mixed about this one I liked the introduction and characterization of the French bull dog, Spike Kellerman is either a true dog person, or his research was thorough Spike s actions at the end were implausible, probably physically impossible, but the reader doesn t mind It would be nice if a dog of that size and build could have done what he did, so suspension of disbelief is set aside in favor of willing

  3. J J says:

    I NEITHER HIDE, NOR FEED, MY REVIEWS THEY MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.This is my second Kellerman novel I m really liking his work I love the device of seeing criminal investigation through the eyes of a child psychologist, Alex Delaware All the criminal forensics are there, but the crimes at times are secondary to Delaware s puzzling through the relationships and motivations from which the crimes arise.It s nice that Delaware is

  4. Kathleen Hagen Kathleen Hagen says:

    In this one, Alex Delaware receives a tape in the mail with a horrific scream on it, and then a child s robotic voice repeating bad love, bad love, don t give me that bad love Alex is horrified by the tape which comes in a plain envelope with no identifying names, addresses or even fingerprints, but he then remembers that back in 1979 he was involved in a conference which he co chaired, unwillingly, including in its title, th

  5. Chris Chris says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Alex Delaware Milo Sturgis series Psychologist Alex Delaware receives an envelope, with no return address, containing an audiocassette recording of a blood curdling scream followed by a child s voice flatly saying Bad love, Bad love Don t give me the bad love In his efforts to discover who sent the tape and what these words mean, Delaware soon suspec

  6. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    This book was totally awesome I d have given it five stars except for one plot device that ultimately was all wrong the tape of screaming that Delaware is sent at the beginning of the book As the plot knits together chapter by chapter did I mention how awesome this story is I realized by the very exciting, adrenalin drenched, action ending that this beginning is the single wrong note for how this murderer would have begun his conta

  7. Ann Jenelle Rotol Ann Jenelle Rotol says:

    I never really am a fan of mystery thriller novels But this book, Bad Love is an exception Because if you add even a bit of psychology in it, then, I will love it LOL And I must say, that the psychological aspect here is surprisingly great Though, don t get me wrong Even those people who don t have a background in psychology will not be at lost Some of the terms are layman s And psychology isn t really the focus here, so XD Anyhow, th

  8. Kristen Kristen says:

    If you love the earlier classic Alex Delaware novels, this one is another good mystery from Jonathan Kellerman It started with a child s voice on a tape, mentioning about bad love That sends Alex on a journey all over California, searching for answers, while he works on another deposition for another case, when it gets heated up We watch when Alex discovers the connection between the symposium and the murders that happened over the years

  9. alhafizol alhafizol says:

    This one is a total disaster for me It is hard to pinpoint which part of this book is good enough except for the adorable dog In my opinion, the premise is quite ok but the way the story is delivered is a total mess and confusing Being too descriptive sometimes can kill the readers mood, and that is what happened to this book In addition, a total lack of intensity of adrenaline rush effects and a slo...

  10. Eyna Eyna says:

    This was the reason I hang around our college library during free time Since hardcover books can t be brought home, I remember always hiding this book in an open shelves area that s not frequently visited by students, so...

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