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Adventures in the Rocky Mountains MOBI » in the Rocky Inspired by Penguin s innovative Great Ideas series, our new Great Journeys series presents the most incredible tours, voyages, treks, expeditions, and travels ever written from Isabella Bird s exaltation in the dangers of grizzlies, rattlesnakes, and cowboys in the Rocky Mountains to Marco Polo s mystified reports of a giant bird that eats elephants during his voyage along the coasts of India Each beautifully packaged volume offers a way to see the world anew, to rediscover great civilizations and legends, vast deserts and unspoiled mountain ranges, unusual flora and strange new creatures, and much

10 thoughts on “Adventures in the Rocky Mountains

  1. El El says:

    To be alone in the Park from the afternoon till the last glory of the afterglow has faded, with no books but a Bible and Prayer book, is truly delightful. p 76 What No That sounds awful I cannot think of a worse time than being stuck anywhere with no books but those.Isabella Bird was a British woman in the late 19th century who was encouraged by doctors in her late 30s

  2. Erica Erica says:

    Isabella Bird was a woman in the late 1800s who was diagnosed with an ailment of the spine So her doctor sent her to Western America to take in some better air After climbing the world s largest volcano in Hawaii, she set out to explore the mountains of Colorado All this as a single, traveling, unarmed woman in the frontier towns of the west She rode horse for most of her journe

  3. Chavelli Sulikowska Chavelli Sulikowska says:

    What a trail blazer I was under the impression Miss Bird ventured to Colorado to convalesce from a degenerative back illness, however, she makes no complaint or mention of recuperation in her intrepid and hellishly exciting account of her time in the heart of the Rockies So matter of fact, she seems to take the ruffians and outlaws, drovers and mustangs, Indians and black bears all in he

  4. Adam Adam says:

    This collection of letters written by a badass lady traveling the untamed Rockies in 1873 is wonderful except of course the ugly language about native Americans.

  5. Marian Marian says:

    I knew Isabella Bird was a Victorian solo traveler, who had visited far off places such as China on her own What I didn t know was what a great writer she actually was Adventures in the Rocky Mountains contains excerpts from her book, A Lady s Life in the Rocky Mountains 1879 Surprisingly for a travelogue, here you ll find a variety of experiences and emotions from courage and trepidation to hilarity and

  6. Don Don says:

    Contnuing to work my way through this set of Penguin Great Journeys and stumbled on this gem Bird, clearly a most remarkable woman, at the age of 40 and after a long history of ill health and depression, in the year 1873, sets of to explore the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, heading east from San Francisco and into the parks including South Park of Colorado Her descriptive writing recorded in letters back home

  7. Chester Clement Chester Clement says:

    I had a hard time finishing this book mostly because of the archaic and poetic style of overly descriptive writing of which sometimes I could only read 6 7 pages max a day but eventually the reading sort of grows with me from halfway through to the end The adventure revolved around plains, parks and mountains with majestic views and a lot of wildlife at the beginning of the journey, from my point of view, she was a lady wh

  8. Saranga Saranga says:

    To travel the world alone is a no mean feat To do it in the nineteenth century male dominated society is sheet bravery This book is actually an abridged version of Isabella Bird s popular adventure book A lady s life in the Rocky mountains In this, her letters to her sister show that Bird was exceptionally intrepid She traveled alone in the lawless Colorado, staying in remote places and interacting with people of all kinds Her desc

  9. Rory Bergin Rory Bergin says:

    Loved it Apart from comments about the natives this is a thoroughly entertaining read Infectious and enthusiastic.

  10. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    Considering this is an abridged version, why not cut out the awful racism It adds nothing to the main subject of the book Surely the editors could have worked around it It was such a dampener on otherwise beautifully written descriptions of a beautiful part of the world.

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