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[Reading] ➾ A Mirror Garden: A Memoir ➵ Monir Farmanfarmaian – Vejega.info In Persia In 1924, When A Child Still Had To Worry About Hostile Camels In The Bazaar And A Nanny Might Spin Stories At Her Pillow Until Her Eyes Fell Shut, The Extraordinary And Irresistible Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian Was Born From The Enchanted Basement Storeroom Where She Played As A Girl To The Penthouse High Above New York City Where She Would Someday Live, This Is The Delightful And Inspiring Story Of Her Life As An Artist, A Wife And Mother, A Collector, And An Iranian Here We See A Mischievous Girl Become A Spirited Woman Who Defies Tradition Both A Love Story And A Celebration Of The Warmth And Elegance Of Iranian Culture, A Mirror Garden Is A Genuine Fairy Tale Of An Exuberant Heroine Who Has Never Needed Rescuing From The Trade Paperback Edition.

10 thoughts on “A Mirror Garden: A Memoir

  1. Donna Donna says:

    The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA is privileged to have a show of Monir s work on view this summer As a docent there, I was enthralled by Monir s life story first and soon fell in love with her work, as well Born in 1924,

  2. mandagram mandagram says:

    I loved this book It is a simple biography, but you fall in love with the author almost immediately She is a strong, charismatic, confident, and capable woman I was very inspired to make my world what I want it to be.

  3. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    I have read many Iranian memoirs books by revolutionaries describing how noble or terrible the revolution was for Iran, books by children of govt officials executed after the revolution, many books by diaspora in many forms but, I must say, th

  4. Hareem Khan Hareem Khan says:

    I couldn t decide between a 1 or 2 star to give A Mirror Garden A appropriate title for this memoir would have been diary of an extremely wealthy Iranian artist and socialite that had little to no elements of an engaging plot Womp womp Don t get me

  5. G-- G-- says:

    A modern fairytale A Persian woman escapes to New York on a whim, marries and then divorces a horrid husband, and works in the fashion industry until she moves back to Iran to marry a charming prince Once there, she spends her time recovering pric...

  6. Leslie Leslie says:

    Although I listed this as a three star for me I did enjoy the read of the author s life, and was most interested in the culture in which she lived It gives a better idea of The Middle East than what we necessarily hear on television.

  7. Shallon Shallon says:

    An intriguing read I loved learning about a new culture and seeing pieces of history through the eyes of an artist.

  8. Catherine Catherine says:

    Great photos I m sure she s an interesting person, but I just couldn t stick with it.

  9. Dolores Dolores says:

    A really interesting memoir about an artist born in Iran in 1924 who lived through the reign of the Shah and the turmoil after the Revolution.

  10. Michele Michele says:

    The treasures of a country my always be valued, and this is what Monir has set out to do.

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